Friday, December 25, 2009

Cat on Lap

I was watching Zing yesterday when we opened the door and the snow started sticking. She stuck her head out but would not step foot on the white stuff. I resisted the urge to toss her out in it to enjoy her consternation. Today she was more adventurous and leaped lightly out to see what was what. But aside from that short venture, she has been mostly a sleepy cat. She seems to have dialed down for the cold dark days.

We've had a warm cosy little Christmas day. The prezzies were nice and the girls played with their new loot all day long. No squabbling with each other (I'll overlook that one brief upset after dinner), which was a gift in itself. The turkey didn't thaw in time so it was pork chops for dinner. Before that, Nod got stuck looking for an open grocery store to buy a replacement slab of meat. He's from Texas and he still doesn't understand some of the local parochialisms (Christmas late afternoon = grocery stores closed). He found a good samaritan with a tow rope and got his car going again. Earlier in the day he took the kids out to sled. But they only took one slide each before deciding it was too windy and bitter. I was happy with my decision to stay home. Perhaps I'll take a snowy walk tomorrow morning. I think I'll be ready to stick my nose outside the house by then. Right now I'm happy to have Zing snoozing on my lap.


The Subtle Rudder said...

Mmm, delicious. I spent most of yesterday in the comfy chair with a pile of books, my laptop, and two chihuahuas snoozing between my legs.

Today, though, I'm thinking of long-johns, snowboots, and a long walk to rescue my snowbound car. It's either that or beg a ride, then head to the gym. I think I'll take my workout winter wonderland style.

Hope you stay cosy today!

Nimble said...

TSR: I hope your striding over the drifts was refreshing and left you all tingly.

I got out to go sledding on Sunday. It was good to be playing in the snow. I wore myself out quickly but the sliding was a hoot.