Tuesday, December 22, 2009


If you have trouble getting out of the warm bed on a chilly dark morning, I have a solution. First have two children. Next have the children wake up at the same time. Have the first one wake up with a wet bed and the second one with a bloody nose. Much mopping and soothing later you will be fully awake and ready to start your day!

Lexi started a fever and sore throat yesterday so we called in to get her antibiotics. I brought her into the office yesterday afternoon after the rec center program was done. My cringe of shame is better after apologizing to my coworkers for exposing them.

Lexi has had two doses so far and was quite chipper this morning even after the bloody nose. At the breakfast table she sneezed and then was wiping up, "I got snot on my sleeve," she announced. "Better than blood!" was her conclusion.

Right now my throat is prickly and my head is starting to feel weird so I figure I'm the next to fall. What a germy season we've had so far. But the pressure is off and I'm looking forward to holidaying whether germy or no.

May you feel a sweet glow this Christmas and not have to clean up very many body fluids at all. Twinkling lights in the darkness, cookies and presents for all.


Bee said...

Well, hopefully I won't have to clean up any bodily fluids but we have definitely had a bug/virus invade our house. Simon and my mother, (who are already the two grumpiest people in residence), have both come down with bad colds.

I hope you stay on the healthy side of things, Nimble! Happy Christmas, if I don't make it round this way again before the 25th.

Nimble said...

Bee, I hope your husband and his mother feel better soon (oh but colds can hang on, ugh) and can feel some cheer.

We went to xmas eve service tonight at 5p but Lexi wasn't feeling well so we left after the pageant. I think she's just got another cold. She keeps asking about her stocking so I'm not too worried about her.