Monday, December 7, 2009

Small and one eared

Surprising things our family doctor told me this morning: 1) Katy may not be any taller than 4' 11" as an adult.2) It could take three months before I have 'normal' hearing in my right ear.

I wonder about the first assertion. I thought our genetic hash would have given her a very  middle sized kit. We've got some tall folks on both our mothers' sides and shorter/middlesized folks on both our dads' sides. And surely growth spurts are unpredictable? Not according to Dr. M's charts. Well, Katy's always been our Petite Firecracker with buckets of personality and drive. I'm sure she'll make an impact even if she's the opposite of towering.

The ear news disappoints me only a bit. The good part is that it is fixing itself. Very slowly and carefully; stopping for tea breaks and periodic audits. I found that attending church service with one ear is somewhat unsatisfying. I could hear the sermon and was glad to take communion. But singing was dodgy and the sound of the organ and choir was too much and too muddy.

The kids enjoyed Christmas pageant practice. Katy will reprise her Donkey role and Lexi is moving over to Angel this year. They have been extremely charming, practicing their carols. I wish they wouldn't squabble over the lyrics sheet we brought home. But I suppose siblings must always compete for scarce resources. Speaking of resources, I volunteered to bring snacks for the next rehearsal. I'll try to figure out something easy and neither too sugary nor too healthy.

Turkey carcase goes in the trash tonight. It was tasty and I took most of the meat off. I will this moment refuse any guilt for not making stock of the bones. We may do it again for xmas and I can soupify at that time if I am so moved. Unrelated to turkey leftovers, tonight I am thinking about this recipe. And maybe some roast sweet potatoes and reg'lar potatoes. I am also planning to go grocery shopping and exchange something at WalMart tonight. I wonder how much of that will actually get done...

We tried and failed to get a holiday family picture taken. It got put off because I was stricken. Then I had an idea about propping the children up and taking a picture on the couch. But to remind myself -- outside is always better than inside for these things. Yesterday's pix on the couch were funny but not anything I can agree to share. We'll have to send out some bare cards. Maybe we can get a snap of us by new year's.

Just read a post by Eileen in Chile about the personality change that learning a new language and culture imposes. So nicely put. 

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amenaneri said...

I haven't been decisive enough about the turkey carcass, although I suspect if I were to take a whiff of it, my decision of to stock or not to stock would be made....

4'11', eh? One of my co-workers is at most that tall, and she's one of the most powerful leaders we have leading corporate trainings. This little person walks into an executive board room and kicks their ass in a gracious way. Small and mighty. However, you have many years of growth ahead of her--give her megavitamins, and other healthy nutritious stuff--defy the charts!

I hope your ear thingy gets better soon. I hate to bring up a bad omen, but my mom had a bad ear infection in my tweens, and has ever after been highly sensitive to loud sounds and particular kinds of sounds. I hope you recover more completely than her, however.

Are you SURE you're not coming to NM for the holidays? Come on, it'll be fun!