Monday, January 11, 2010

From Bunnies to Nasty to Satan


Katy: Do you love bunnies?
Lexi: Yes. But I don't like hopping.

The other morning I took a sip and got tea leaves in my mouth and made a face. Katy asked what was wrong. After my explanation she said "Oh, I thought it was some nasty coffee." I heard this as Nasty Coffee and then couldn't stop laughing and thinking of a potential advertising campaign. "Fill my cup with Nasty." "I like to start my day with a hot cup of Nasty Coffee." Nod suggested the poster could be a mustachioed bandit hoisting his mug. "Make mine Nasty!"

Katy called me after I had tucked her into bed. She had been coughing and asked for a drink and a lozenge. I got her those and asked if she needed anything else. "Just a good night's sleep," she replied. As though she'd been burning the candle at both ends lately writing her dissertation.

I have made three pudding recipes in the last five days. I blame the snow days. All three were wonderful and don't you wish you had some homemade pudding? The first two were cornstarch puddings. First was caramel pudding from Smitten Kitchen. Just perfect. And I ate most of that one. Lexi asked for chocolate pudding and I found I didn't have a packet in the pantry. So next I made Chocolate Pudding from Joy of Cooking ('97). I added some chopped semisweet choc. chips and forgot the vanilla. It was excellent. Nod ate most of that one. The kids weren't very interested as it wasn't as blandly sweet as the packet kind. Today I made Pumpkin Buttermilk Pudding which was more of a custard crossed with pumpkin bread. Also JOC. The kids liked this one, especially Katy as she's a custard fan.

Further food
Made meatballs from Bee's recipe. Both because it was a food form I hadn't ever attempted before and because we sing "On Top of Spaghetti" and youngest daughter was curious. Didn't make the entire stew, just meatballs and a basic tomato sauce. It was surprisingly delicious. I have been a fervent supporter of the spaghetti sauce recipe I got from my mother but this experience taught me that I could learn to love a deviation.

I remember watching this at a sleepover at the Danish's house as a teen. I couldn't remember it clearly and probably I'd been very sleepy at the first viewing so it was time for a revisit. Not recommended for children five to eight, though they were very interested in the beginning. I watched the middle by myself and then later let them watch the nuns though that didn't amuse them as much as it did me. A practically perfect movie with just a few slow moments. Peter Cook is amazing and his life story is so sad. Dudley Moore is extremely funny which bowled over my impression of him as kind of a hammy, lazy actor in Arthur and movies of that vintage.


Bee said...

I love the comment about needing a good night's sleep! I'm so with that girl.

Hearty approval for pudding making. If a person was just making one, which would you recommend? I didn't get a birthday cake today, so I may have to indulge myself tomorrow. BTW, thanks for the birthday wishes. xx

I'm so glad that you tried the meatballs. Yummy winter food.

Nimble said...

So. hard. to. choose. I guess I would recommend caramel first. I love that flavor -- next time I plan to top with whipped cream.

But! If you are having a chocolate craving the choc. pudding has a deep taste and wonderful texture.

If you need something more hearty or are faced with pumpkin to use up, then pumpkin. They're all good, I garrontee.

I'm imagining you sitting in front of a snowy white tablecloth with hands over your eyes, ready to be surprised -- what would you want to see?

Katy has asked for a lemon tart so I may have to go look at julie's lemon curd entry again...

amenaneri said...

Hello, my dear--Yes, yes, to Bedazzled--truly one of the funniest comedies made, I think. "You fill me with inertia" is one of my favorite catch phrases from it. I also love the scene where he is trying to blow a raspberry while weeping. Don't touch the remake with a 10-foot pole, even if you like Brendan Fraser--totally missed the point.

I had such a good time catching up with your blog just now--didn't realize it had been so long since I checked. Had a crazy last 2 weeks at work--sudden emergency trip to Japan for boss, which caused all sorts of scheduling/itinerary/other chaos. Her plane is taking off as I write, so WHEW! Am going out for cocktails with a friend tonight, and boy do I need it.

Now my latest debate, should I Facebook friend our old mutual BF DP? I saw him on your friend list, and can't decide if seeing those pictures was enough, or if I want to add him. Ah, Facebook much of a minimal relationship do I want with someone?

I love that you are cooking pudding from scratch. I got my mom Julie and Julia--book and movie for Xmas, and bought Evan both volumes of Mastering the Art of French Cooking with the promise that I'll make anything he requests from them. Hasn't taken me up on it yet, but I'm excited to cook more.

amenaneri said...

After your comment about Peter Cook's sad life, I just looked him up on Wikipedia, and found another interesting bit of trivia re: Bedazzled--envy is played by Barry Humphries, of Dame Edna fame. Who knew?

Nimble said...

Yay, it's the Danish Update! I will call you soon for more.

I was intrigued by good old Envy and wondered about him. Didn't recognize him at all.

Lexi asked me last night "What are sins?" After explaining that they were mistakes I realized she was asking because of the 7 Deadlies in the movie.