Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Yesterday I sat in a sunbeam while I ate lunch. I found a great place in front of a bank of floor to ceiling windows. While soaking up the light I ate my homemade chicken tikka masala* and looked out at the plumes from the campus steam plant. There are two smokestacks (steamstacks?) and they spewed into an absolutely clear blue sky. The steam puffed out, blew south, and rose up, melting into thinner stripes.What a good way to spend forty minutes.

*I recently harvested a Cook's Illustrated tikka recipe before throwing away the rest of the magazine. I wanted to see how it compared with this one that I had enthused about over the summer. It is very similar but uses less butter and cream and was delicious, so it wins!

Mm, that Ree just distracted me with the idea of Beef Stew with Mushrooms. I don't think anyone else at my house will eat it. But at the moment that doesn't sounds like a reason to hold back. Now I just need an itty bitty bottle of red wine. We can't even seem to finish a bottle of white wine in our house. And Nod doesn't drink red at all so I will need just enough for the stew and a glass for me. I bet I can find one of those high class mini bottles with a screwtop. Damn Kansas and its no wine in the grocery store laws.

In the Swedish police procedural novel I just read, one of the characters is a detective famous for having a limitless memory, requiring ten hours of sleep a night and being in the bathroom all the time. I was knocked back by the idea of ten hours of sleep every night. Nod laughed and told me he was sure I could manage it. And I have slept that long to recover from something, as needed. But even with my masterful sleeping prowess I don't require that much on a regular basis. Think of how much shorter your days would be. Woof.
(Sounds like The Laughing Policeman, same series, is the one I need to read. This one meandered. But I did like the description of a Swedish family summer vacation camping on an island. With nude sunbathing mom.)

I took off my sweater today at work and found out that it had linted all over my shirt. Hello, I'm covered with bits.

I have an end of the hormone cycle headache. Somehow I doubt that picking up the kids and fixing them dinner is going to help. I will be practical and take some acetaminophen to alternate with the ibuprofen and that may help. Nothing like a headache to close one's perspective down to a small circle. Just think of me peering out my coat hood like Kenny.

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Bee said...

I put red wine in so many recipes (and gravy, always) that I can go through a bottle in no time . . . without actually drinking it. I've also been making a lot of mulled wine in the past month.

Chicken tikka masala sounds yummy!