Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The snow started to fall just before noon. I saw it out the window and a bubble of euphoria rose up through the top of my head. I giggled a little as I went up stairs to watch it falling. It reminded me of the hit I would feel when my milk let down when I was nursing. Sometimes I giggled then and gasped a little, waiting for the rush to subside. Oxytocin is good stuff. Not sure why it's triggered by snow though. In about forty minutes I could see that the top of a street light had been skim coated. I would not mind being sent home early.

I have been reading that southern England has had a lot of snow and both major airports were canceling flights today and it's a big deal. May we all get to where we're going or at least somewhere we can wait it out.

The snowflake above is from this site and is the work of pioneer photographer Wilson Bentley. He used a combined microscope camera to photograph more than five thousand individual snow crystals from 1885 to 1931.

I finished Hiaasen's Stormy Weather before new year's day am still enjoying an Aldous Huxley quote he included: "Happiness is never grand. Being contented has none of the glamour of a good fight against misfortune." Very male I think.


Bee said...

Snow! Yes, we have lots of it.
I'm just about to put on my boots and walk (4 miles each way) to the post office and grocery store.
It's been good fun having this week out of "normal life," but we are supposed to get more snow this weekend and I'm not so keen about that. I've got an impt appt on Monday in London, and I don't want to miss it.

Yesterday, on the BBC website, there was a quiz about snow. I failed it miserably. Apparently the hexagon is the most common snowflake formation. Your snowflake reminded me of it.

I agree: happiness is usually pretty homely.

Nimble said...

I just looked at the UK forecast and from what little I can tell it looks like Monday should be okay. Tuesday says "heavy snow" so more stew will be needed.

Today we got blue sky and sun and the hope of some melting. Got the Christmas tree down and out for mulching. It was a good day.

Bee said...

Isn't it a relief to get the Xmas stuff put away? We keep having Xmas packages trickle in, and I need to take another box up to the attic. I wonder how long it will sit on the kitchen table?

I could do with some sun here. It is supposed to be gray all week.