Thursday, February 11, 2010

Flat cakes

I hear that as an Episcopalian I am supposed to eat pancakes on Shrove/Fat Tuesday. I can do that. It's coming right up -- next Tuesday! But I've started early. Here's the Homesick Texan recipe for gingerbread pancakes. It's from the Magnolia Cafe in Austin, a brunchy landmark. My friend SuzTiki sent me to the Magnolia Cafe once upon a time, and I was glad she did. These are not thin little crepe-y pancakes, they are thick with gingerbread spices and butter built in. (But I couldn't commit to so much cloves and nutmeg, I used a scant 1/2 tsp of each. And I added 1/2 tsp salt.) Go forth and pancake.

This picture was so funny - doesn't she look pleased with herself? - that I had to look up la fete de Ste. Catherine and find out what was up. Turns out that there is a French (and specifically Parisian) tradition of honoring Ste. Catherine and all the Catherinettes on November 25. You are a Catherinette if you are a woman of 25 who is not yet married. You get to wear a crazy hat in green and yellow (thus the wacky picture). And drink a lot with your friends. Here is La Coquette (who must be the most jealousy inducing blogger I can think of with her cute enthusiasm and her American/French fashion career) explaining it nicely.  Oh and while we're in Paris, let's check in with Stuff Parisians Like because Olivier is still writing wry funny posts and his commenters are bubbly too. Salted caramels must be on the way out.

Yesterday the sky cleared. The temp was in the 20s but oh the relief and joy of seeing the great blue again. I picked up the children yesterday which took a long time because it's always best, they feel, to delay our homecoming until everyone is extra tired and hungry. But when finally we got to our door I saw that the sun had not *quite* set. Thank goodness for nitrogen and whatever else it is that makes that sky blue.

One more link to a poem, of all things, entitled "Nine". Nine is one of my favorite numbers and also one of my favorite words so I was intrigued when I saw Language Hat's recommendation. There is some poetry I am fond of but I'm not much of a poetry consumer. I often find it hard to concentrate and my eyes can start to slide off the text, just like when I read history in high school. But I was all aglow after reading the 27 stanzas of "Nine", a very life affirming poem with repeated reference to death and packed with word play. "Zendo cushion run for it go. Long ago Labrador." That's my kind of tongue play. Ptarmigan turtle blast!

Tacky bumper sticker: Divers Do It Deeper. Very stale 70s schwing vibe, no? I wish I'd had a blue sharpie to trim it down to "Divers Do". That is a much more interesting phrase.


Stacy said...

can't find your phone #, am hoping to catch up -- drop me a note if you get the chance.

Bee said...

Did you like HT's gingerbread pancakes? I used to eat at Magnolia Cafe (many years ago) and I remember these pancakes. Mine didn't taste like them. My mom didn't have luck with them either.

But strangely enough, as I write this I find myself CRAVING them. We were in NY for Shrove Tuesday and missed out on our pancakes. I usually make crepes. Ham and cheese for "mains" and lemon and sugar for "pudding."