Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cleared for landing

Saw two more houses that were much more promising. No mildew smells or leaking ceilings. The first place was on campus, a sweet street I pass on my commute. It was quirky and might have *just* fit us, in a parallel universe wherein we had only one child. I could imagine a bachelor professor having a very charming life there. But it was hard to see how we could squeeze in. In love with the location, I was still doing the mental manipulations, trying to figure how we could pare down to some subset of our current possessions. But then Nod suddenly realized -- no dishwasher! And a tiny kitchenette with no place to put one. So we knew in a moment that there was no way. Thank god. Cooking on that tiny stove might have made me quite mad. I was stunned to realize that I hadn't even noticed the dishwasher lack. Apparently I need a checklist.

Second house was great. Floors refinished and plenty of room. No basement but parking and even a fenced backyard. Nice sized kitchen with decent (full size this time) appliances and good light from windows. But it is in another school district. So we won't take it because we're going to move to the co-housing townhouse.

It is decided and we've signed the papers and attended another potluck and Nod has already moved a couple loads of things we don't need immediately. We were not able to find an acceptable rental house in the current school district. We've done a good search. I can accept this. But I plan to grieve about it for a while. Last week during our parent/teacher conference Katy's 2nd gr teacher suggested we could apply for a transfer. I can't decide that yet. Both kids are testing really high and could use more than just the average curriculum. Lexi's in a second grade reading group and both of them are ready for math beyond their grades. Katy has been in an 'enrichment' group that does more challenging projects in addition to regular coursework. We've verified that there is an 'enrichment coordinator' at the new school. And the school gets good marks otherwise too. But it is the smallest in the county and may be on the chopping block because of the budget shortfall. So maybe we should keep them at a school that is more likely to persist? Pushme Pullyou.

My goal with our move is to have fun with the co housing people. Why not? The girls are excited. There are kids to meet and play with. New toys in the common house. And Lexi's favorite thing is to run back and forth in the empty living room, with occasional leaps.
Message after logging off LiveJournal: "You've successfully logged out!" Good job, little cupcake. My browser is enjoying the proud satisfaction of a job well done.
Good news, everyone! Graphic models from last spring showing that reducing CFCs has saved the ozone layer. Next we'll just need a no-impact energy source to be unveiled. Now would be nice, or in the next two or three years. No hurry, just any time within a five year window please.
I have mentioned before that the remnants of my French language skills allow me to read somewhat fluently -- but I have to move my lips all the while. I find this embarrassing in public but it does allow me the pleasure of the different mouth positions that French uses. From a cooking blog, here is a banal sentence that made me smile and almost purr:  "Après ce passage au four, les bananes deviennent translucides et sont enrobées d’un jus sirupeux bien parfumé." Saying the words "sirupeux bien parfumé" is almost like kissing. Yes, I like my oral fixation just fine, thank you.
More things to lap up. I am coveting and the next best thing to buying is to share. I'm in like with these shiny earrings. Maybe it's the rising sap of the coming spring that makes me want to adorn the lobes. More things to please the ears: I am surprised by how much I love this dj's folk and blue grass show. He sounds like he should have a grey ponytail to me but the photo says no. He's got a music collection that goes back at least twenty five years and he's generous with the info on artists that are performing in the area. I've promised myself the Karan Casey and John Doyle CD Exile's Return for my birthday. Their rendition of "Madam I'm a Darling" has stormed the flimsy castle of my brain. You can listen to it here. And then in another direction there's Ruthie Foster whose neo gospel "Mama Said" made me laugh and want to hear it again. What do you want to hear again and again?


Bee said...

I've been reading through all of the posts that I missed, but I couldn't crack the code of "co-housing townhouse." What is this?

It's a shame that the second house didn't work.

The ideal schooling scenario is one of life's dilemmas that makes me REALLY, really want to have both second sight and hindsight.

The small victory for ozone is cheering.

Nimble said...

Hi Bee. Back in the fall we talked with folks at a co-housing development on our side of town. They have townhouses (row houses) built within the last five years. Really nice units (3BR, 1.5 BA, basement, porch). Ideally they want to sell them but while waiting for buyers they are renting some units too.

Co-housing is an intentional community the members of which share resources to some degree. Here's an informational link.

This group calls for monthly meetings and taking on revolving responsibilities. There are weekly potlucks in the "common house", friendly neighbors, a shared garden. I am going to set aside reservations (I have some) and plunge in.

Nimble said...

Oh and I think the ozone thing is huge. I want to teach it to every schoolchild in the land. That way we would have a model for believing and acting on CO2 reduction.

amenaneri said...

WOO HOO!!!! You've found a place! That's so great, and it's the place I've been rooting for, so you'll have a community, friends, playmates. That's just awesome. My dad's finally moved into his co-housing place, too, and really loves it. I'm so happy you have this load off your mind.

If they stay in their current school, do you have to become the school bus?

I loved what you said about speaking French--I just had to say that phrase, too, so I could kiss you back.

The Danish