Thursday, March 18, 2010

Moving Jane

Jane Eyre misremembered
I wandered back to the JE text last week because it has been very very quiet at work. I thought I'd give it one more try and see if the childhood persecution was just too much or whether I could get through to Jane's majority unscathed. And I found that her school time was less horrible than I remembered. I was waiting for a particular scene where a semi starved Jane eats a raw egg while tending chickens as part of her school chores. This scene never arrived and so I'm left wondering whether I read it somewhere in Dickens? Or whether my ornery brains came up with it on their own. The semi starvation was there and the worst part was probably that the larger girls bullied the little ones into giving them their food. At the same time I had completely forgotten about the death of Helen Burns which occurs while Jane is curled up sleeping at her side. It's not related as a horrific event but simply sad so that explains why it didn't make my list of Jane's maltreaments. At any rate, Jane is safely launched into the world now and I am relieved to be done with the story of a despised and mistreated child. On to the story of the mistreated madwoman.

Just one room
We moved most of the sunroom contents last weekend. I needed to see some progress and am taking a little encouragement from that particular goal achieved. We went to a quick welcome party on Friday night that was more fun than expected. And the Sunday potluck was jolly too. We are enjoying our new neighbors. Our immediate next door neighbors are two engineers who remind me of people I knew in high school. I am going to have to see how they feel about Boggle. Moving may actually be possible. I'm going to try to take a car load over every day this week.I need to find out whether we can fit the pantry cabinet into our kitchen/eating area. I don't want to do without it. We need a truck reservation. Nod doesn't seem to think this needs to be set up in advance. Sometimes I want to knock briskly on the top of his skull. I've measured windows and am ready to get some coverings. Our new neighbors told us about cheap stick-on paper blinds from Bloodbath and Beyond. So we may start with those until we decide on more permanent steps.

Jane finished
I noticed that Jane's discovered cousins are foils to the unfriendly and unsympathetic cousins (two girls and a boy) she spent early childhood with. The noble godly male cousin vs. the sadistic spoiled male cousin.

Rah Rah patriotism: "for after all, the British peasantry are the best taught, best mannered, most self-respecting of any in Europe" Goes beyond Jane Austen's pride in the English navy. "As she grew up, a sound English education corrected in a great measure her French defects" Ha!

"Reader, I married him." is a justly famous line. So active, proud and confiding. Jane Eyre really is a peculiar character. Pleasingly independent to my feminist notions. She values clear-headed decisions and self determination. She manages to keep her own mind even when her cousin throws all the arguments of heaven at her. Though she was almost worn down by the force of his 'God wants you to' approach. I hadn't remembered one single bit about her Rivers cousins. I wonder what year I read this book before.

Lamby Lion
Spring Break week is almost done. The kids have had a good time at their kids club activities. Katy's at the pool today and Lexi's bowling. Tomorrow I'll take off a little early and we'll go meet a friend at a playground. Gotta get outside before Saturday's snow starts. The March weather is going to do a little whipsawing before we're done. But I see the buds on the trees. There will be leaves in days, maybe hours.


Bee said...

I do think it is that "pleasingly independent" streak that makes Jane so beloved. She is so uncompromising about what she feels is right . . . and in so many ways she is an act of fierce self-creation. Btw, I ordered a Charlotte Bronte t-shirt from one of my blogger artist friends. It is pleasingly quirky. (Check out Artsparker Theatre if you want to see it.)

Nod is so self-deluded about the truck situation! Make the reservation without his input and you will not regret it.

What house did you end up getting? Did you actually mention it here, because I somehow missed it.

Nimble said...

Bee: I know I'm very behind hand with my house descriptions. I think I'm waiting to see if it's really real. It's a 'townhouse' meaning a two story row house 3BR built in the last few years. We are the first family that will live there. Lots of carpeting which is something I haven't lived with for about fifteen years. First floor is all open: kitchen and eating area, then living room. There's a half bath too. A big unfinished basement. Three bedrooms and bathroom upstairs as well as washer/dryer space.

amenaneri said...

Oh, I'm so glad you pushed your way thru Jane Eyre! No--no scary chicken eating scenes here, although the death of Helen is very sad. But the interesting thing about Jane is her ability to take everything as it comes. She rarely loses her self-possession, and then, only in solitude, and when she emerges, she is secure in herself again. I love how principled she is, and unwilling to be bullied into something she thinks is wrong, or against her best interest. Even as a neglected orphan, she holds to herself.

And she's funny. I love the sly humor that you have to catch in passing comments or interior thoughts.

Great book.

I'm so happy that your neighbors are great! Reserve the truck, although that's no guarantee--when we moved from NM to AZ, UHaul didn't honor the reservation we had--said they didn't have any trucks. Grrr. Then Ryder saved the day wonderfully--go with Ryder!

Nimble said...

AM: Yes, self possession is the phrase that keeps coming to mind. She strives to know her own mind. Lots of striving.

I distrust UHaul after our experience with a San Francisco franchise. It was total chaos! Thank you for the Ryder recommendation.

Bee said...

Thanks for the house description. I've always wanted a basement.