Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring critters

Clunk. I hear a motor idling, it seems to be the new weekday pre-dawn routine. Somewhere near our house there is a big engine that starts up and idles around 5:30am. Which is 30 annoying minutes before my alarm is set to go. I blink and try to sort out the sounds. Clunk! Is it Katy doing something on the top bunk? Too quiet. Is it the cat trying to go up or down the bunkbed ladder? (Her new trick. Jimbo, our old cat, would never have learned that.) The noise is definitely  in the kids' room. One more clunk! and I go to see. There's the cat and there is a mousetrap complete with dead mouse. Zing carried it upstairs to play with in the kids' room. Erg. The good news is that the mouse is completely dead. I woke Katy up by turning on the light and fetching a plastic bag to clear away the remains. She stopped complaining about the bright light once I told her what I was doing.

On Saturday Katy told me she thought she saw a mouse run behind the fridge. I attributed that to her vivid imagination. Then I found the cat in the silverware drawer. Shoo! What do you want in there, silly? And then on Sunday, after ignoring both of them, I found the mouse poops in that drawer. So while I cleaned the drawer and contents, Nod fetched a brace of traps. Sadly, Zing's mousehunting skills seem to consist of 1) staring at the corner cabinet under which there might be a mouse and 2) playing with the corpse. Why do we have a springtime mouse? It's finally nice outside, you stupid rodents.

We also saw our resident yard bunny over the weekend. On Saturday we were all outside. There was a brief standoff while Zing looked at the bunny who looked at the assembled company and finally made a break for it. Zing gave swift chase but the bunny outdistanced her. I think the bunny has had more experience running away than Zing has had hunting.

I'm going to call a local moving company to get an estimate. My husband's plan for getting our large items moved is sketchy and I want to have a counter proposal ready. Am still trying to work out when we can take up full-time residence. Maybe we'll get beds moved at the end of next week. Then we'll have a week to wait for stove, washer and dryer, and big furniture. This act of contemplation makes me think I should be taking over a load right now. What am I doing at work?!

Not really recommended: Red Garters. A spoof-western musical from 1954 starting Rosemary Clooney (George's aunt) and embodying the line "Dopey show-girls in gooey gowns." At least those showgirls could dance. It includes a white woman in brown face playing a comic squaw and an actor sporting a terrrrrible Mexican accent. It's all very winky winky. Each gunfighter's outfit matches his horse. But it's in glorious technicolor and once I decided that I was watching it for the costumes and choreography and Clooney's voice, I settled in to enjoy.


Lucy said...

A couple of Christmases ago I bought Tom a CD of pre-rockandroll 1950s songs. They were fairly awful, but I did quite like one by Rosemary Clooney about 'mangoes, papaya, chestnuts from the fire, the food is so good you may want to stay'. I think it was called 'Mangoes'.

Cats can sometimes banish mice just by patient staring in corners.

Nimble said...

I think I have a song by her called Corazon de Melon. She felt railroaded by MGM into making lots of dodgy novelty songs. Lovely voice even so.

My daughter (who must have been a mouser in a previous life) saw a mouse flushed by the cat in our backyard. It squeezed itself into our house through a tiny crack in the plumbing access hatch. "I tried to catch the tail" she told me.