Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stir Fry du Jour

So I can look at this again in the future...

3 pork chops, half thawed and cut in small strips
1 carrot in shavings
1 zucchini in thin strips
5 mushrooms

2 garlic cloves, pressed
1" knob of ginger, microplaned
3 green onions, cut small, whites with aromatics, greens with veggies

Meat tossed with generous squirts of Frank's Red Hot sauce, soy sauce, a little rice vinegar, a little molasses and sugar. Marinated while I finished chopping vegetables and got the pan and oil hot. Added aromatics and stirred until the smell got strong. Stir fried the meat mostly done, removed to a plate. Zucchini for a couple of minutes by itself. Then the rest of the veggies. When veggies were cooked, I put the meat back in for a minute or two. We ate it all. The hot sauce didn't provide any kick in the end. The kids weren't wild about it but were grudgingly willing to eat it. I made brown rice to go with and am feeling very amply supplied with nutrition and consequently a little smug.

KU's men's basketball team just lost to Northern Iowa State and is out of March Madness. Shocking.

We got the four or more inches of snow we were forecast last night. That was shocking too. It's snowed most of the day and we have had us some cabin fever. In between separating the children I have made grand strides through The Children's Book and have been enjoying it a great deal. I was wavering about halfway through after the revelation of a particular mistreatment and wondered if I would be left with a very bad taste in my mouth about it. I have been surprised that the theme that disturbed me has been handled so subtly. It had the potential to outweigh all the other elements but somehow she's woven it in. And offered the victims a plausible healing. Brava.

Yesterday morning it was so mild we didn't need coats. A neighbor's crocus were all open: gold, purple and white. I took Lexi over to the new house to play while I finished vacuuming the upstairs. It's new carpet so I'm getting a square foot of carpet fuzz for each room I finish. Lexi had her paper dolls and announced, "Now I'm going to put on her best dress." A little clap accompanied the word "best". I need to scare up the vacuum attachment that will allow me to vacuum the stairs with slightly more ease. I anticipate hating staircase duty but we'll see. I am vowing to make up housework posters to keep it under control and make me feel like I can delegate.


Bee said...

What is that Frank's red hot sauce, I wonder? I think that oyster sauce and sesame oil add a lot to stir-fries (or flies, as I first wrote).

When did you move? New carpet fuzz seems like a GOOD thing.

As soon as I get back from travelling I'm going to start The Children's Book.

Nimble said...

Bee: Frank’s Red Hot Sauce is the stuff you make buffalo wings with. Cayenne pepper and vinegar but more interesting than that sounds. (I got very interested in buffalo wings during my last pregnancy.)

We are doing the month-long move. We’ve paid rent for March in the new house but we haven’t slept there yet. Every week we take more stuff over. The big furniture and appliances will be moved next weekend. Cross my fingers they will. Then we’ll clean up and sell the remnants in the old house. It's finally looking thinner in the old house but there is much left to do.

Yes, it's fun that we'll be the first people to live in this place. But seriously the carpet fuzz is amazing -- I could have sculpted poodles out of it.

I wish you a good time with the Byatt. I liked it the best of any of her books I've read. Learned a lot about the turn of the century.

The Subtle Rudder said...

Checking back in after much life crap; so glad to hear you've got a place nailed down (even if the carpet's spawning poodles). Yay for's important to move on to the next thing, after long periods of everliving fraught-wait. I am just spackling the new cracks that have developed since last summer, preparing to put my house back on the market. Man, the idea of a fresh new place that no one's ever lived in sounds VERY APPEALING. Here's to new beginnings...we keep returning to the idea of spring, don't we, even as winter keeps coming back to stop its progress. Crocuses are hopeful, though...

Nimble said...

TSR: I'm glad things are enough back to normal to permit blog snacking. It is exciting to have a fresh start. (While at the same time I wonder if we are devouring locusts who will run this place into the ground as well?) Caring for any house is a never ending task. Such is life, let's welcome in the spring and get up and do it again.

Bee said...

We did a month-long move, once, and it was my favorite of all of the moves. I moved over all of my books, my kitchen stuff and my clothes beforehand and got them set up before the big stuff arrived.

What's this about Nod working 55 hours?

I had buffalo wings for the first time last year when we were in NY. They are SO GOOD. You can't buy wings in the grocery store here, though; so I won't be home-testing that recipe.

Nimble said...

Wings have gotten so popular that I heard they became more expensive per pound than chicken breast meat last year. I think that was just for restaurant wholesale though.