Thursday, March 25, 2010

Too Many Hours?

Ha ha. Or Nod could get fired and not have to work any hours at all. La catastrophe ferroviaire continue! On with the train wreck! His boss said that he'd never seen anyone try so hard and not get the enrollment numbers they need.

Honestly I am not as upset about this as either he or I expected.We both knew he needed to get out of sales. What kills me is the three years of our lives he wasted on that goose chase. And I am left with the question as to whether he can hold a job for more than six months. But this last position did show that he could get a handle on his stress/depression cycles. He was there, on time, whenever asked. He didn't get insomnia to the point he had to take sick days, etc. So I think he can (hold down a regular job for two years) but I'd love to have empirical evidence.


amenaneri said...

Wow, that's some news! Well, let's root for him finding something that is really a fit for his many talents, instead of something he struggles to make work.

Is he out on his ear, or does he have a few weeks to figure out what's next? Will he get unemployment? Does this mean he can help you move on Saturday? ;-)

Do you really need to stay in KS? (She selfishly asks, another plea in a long string of pleas to have your cute selves in a locale either near me or oft-visited by me)

Tell Dan I'm thinking of him and really rooting for him to find something fulfilling and a match for his mighty self.

Nimble said...

AM: Out on his ear. Fully available to help move (that's what he'll be doing mostly today and tomorrow too!) He's applied for unemployment; they must call the employer to make sure he's not been canned for misconduct. He has one more paycheck coming and he should have unemployment lined up by the end of April I would guess.

Will pass on the good wishes, thanks. Yeah it opens up some location questions. We have signed a year lease. So we're here through May '11 I think. Oh I would like to be settled.

The Subtle Rudder said...

Fuck. A. Duck. Well, here's to the amazing dinner party we'll throw in a few years, once we've all recovered from this economic assbanditry. One of these decades, it'll all be HILARIOUS. For now, we bitch on the internet and try to quiet our shaky breathing.

I'm thinking about you guys...Lincoln could use some folks like you...or maybe we all meet back in the Bay Area and live it up before everything falls into the ocean???