Friday, March 5, 2010


I have just this week become aware of the phrase "blood and treasure" which is used to refer to the costs of war by both hawks and doves. I see those words everywhere now. I found a post from someone who's much quicker on the uptake and noticed this phrase four years ago. But I don't buy all his literary and historical sources. Sure, those are no doubt contributors to the trend. But he left out World of Warfare. I really think that gaming has refreshed the concept of 'treasure' in the modern mind. Not sure how to prove that.

I have signed up for a lunch hour exercise class. It is held downtown and I have budgeted ten minutes each way for walking to and fro my office. Today I tried it out and walking very briskly I made it there in 15 min. and back in 18 min. I need to rethink my schedule. But while on the massage table last night (what a good place to cogitate) I had a brainstorm -- maybe I could park downtown and then drive back to campus after my class. If I can find free parking near the building that will work. Further investigation to come.

Child news
Katy announces, "Mom! Good news -- I'm getting more callouses." Just what I was hoping for, how did you know? The milder weather has allowed more playground time so she's working up her palm callouses by swinging from the bars. I remember getting callouses on the backs of my knees from that.

Lexi surveying her paper dolls, "This girl doesn't like to wear a crown. She says it gives her a headache. But all the rest of them like crowns."

Lately Lexi's first job of the day is to ascertain in what order everyone has come downstairs. Usually I'm the first one down but Zing always shoots past my feet to indicate that cat breakfast is an important event. I make it a point not to feed her until after I've eaten but nevertheless she rushes to fly down the stairs before me, giving me a flash of her fluffy pantaloons. Lexi likes to recite, "First was Zing then you, then Daddy, then me and then Katy!" She finds this very satisfying and marvels when the order changes some days.

On Wednesday evening it was mild and there was still sun when I picked the kids up at school. Katy pleaded for more playground time. I said we needed to get dinner and then we could try going back to the schoolyard, but I repeated that there might not be time and it might not happen that evening. After getting some food into the kids Lexi and I were out of steam so I told Katy that no more playground time. She cried for half an hour. I didn't like the tantrum but sympathized with the lust to be outdoors. Yesterday we managed a minimal dinner and then walked back to the playground. The girls shrieked on the slides as the twilight darkened. It was such a worthwhile effort. Hibernation is over!!

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