Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cake and Cake

Cake! Cream!
We've been eating strawberries since shortly before Easter. They haven't been great but they've been quite a bit better than no berries at all. After reading Sassy Radish's description and seeing that photo I decided I needed to make this Cake with Sherried Berries tout de suite.

I even bought cake flour to make it and I never do that. It turned out so well that I must recommend it to all bipeds. The cream you dress it with is whipped with mascarpone cheese. I hadn't ever worked with that ingredient before but I am a convert. This was butterfat brought to its highest expression. And the simple cake is a delightful manifestation of a stick of butter. All in all it is a transcendant Spring Dairy Fat occurrence sliced and assembled on the plate.

I ran out of sherry so only used half that's called for. I might try using triple sec next time. My cake fell a little in the middle. But I'm told that happens to every man now and again. The taste did not suffer. (I have been reading about sunken cakes and think I will follow's creaming the butter and sugar suggestions next time I do this.)

There was lots of cream left over. Lexi wouldn't touch it but liked the cake and berries very well. I thought the cream would break down but it was very stable (that'd be the fat!) and lasted deliciously for four or five days. Wow, after writing about it, I'm almost ready to make it again. And then take it to a potluck. It was way too much cake (and cream!) for just us.

Further Cake
Last Saturday was Lexi's 6th birthday party which was a bit of a re-run of last year. Same location (rec center gymnastics room) same cake (BH&G devil's food). But Lexi did help me frost her cake this year (giant pink star! sprinkles!). And it was a new bunch of friends all from her kindergarten class. Those kids had a great time. They were totally sweet.

I pledge today to start next year's birthday party prep a month in advance so we can have cute invitations and timely mail delivery and so forth. As it was we pulled it out but I am tired of the last minute race. I will add it to my Outlook calendar now for both kids. I hope that good intentions plus calendar massage will get us started sooner next time.

Not Cake
Can't think of much interesting beyond the world of cake. Except the rain outside which is going to make my feet wet. A temporary inconvenience. Oh, and we're going to see if we can turn the old double stroller into a giant fish for this year's Art Tougeau parade in May. More deets to come if our plans come to fruition. It's not a dog cart (that's another post about the cart and the wonderful dog. Plus DIY plans if you're inspired to build your own!) but it still sounds like fun.


amenaneri said...

Yum cake. Looks delish. The yogurt-Buttermilk substitution could have been the thing that had it fall--different chemically, although the creaming butter and sugar longer might have been the thing too. I've read enough geeky Cooks Illustrated baking articles to know that a little substitution can make a big difference.

The Art Tougeau fair looks like a little mini-Burning man with all the art cars! Just get some drugs, dust and techno music and you'll be there!

Miss you. Had a lovely visit to see the niece and my family. She is the cutest baby in the world.

Anonymous said...

Cute baby - about as good as cake! I'm glad it was a good visit. My mother told me that her cousins are getting Aunt Betty's Canyon Rd condo ready to sell. The passing of an era. -Nimble

Lucy said...

I was a latecomer to mascarpone too. In fact it makes a quite acceptable substitute for clotted cream with scones and jam for cream teas alla whatever. Sherried berries certainly sound good too.

Nimble said...

Lucy: It reminded me of clotted cream too. Very luxurious.