Friday, April 9, 2010

The Merry Swirl

Thursday afternoon:  I have lots of swirling things to do in the next 36 hours. Lexi's birthday is on Saturday. Oh crap, we need a birthday present. I made some minimalist birthday party invitations at work today, Lexi can decorate them. Recycling from the old house. The rest of the linen closet. A few important things like the framed photos on the mantlepiece, bowls/pans in the kitchen. Oh, I have to transcribe the children's height measurements that are penciled on the wall in the kitchen. Unimportant but I still want them: wrapping paper, sheer curtains. Get caught up on laundry. Muffins for birthday snack at kindergarten. Go to grocery store, get muffin ingredients and fruit for snack too. Bake muffins tonight. Make spaghetti sauce. Frost muffins in the morning. Pack all up so Nod can take them to school.

Friday morning: Got the grocery run and muffins done last night. My low point was at about 10:20p last night when I was ready to pour the batter into the pan and realized that the muffin pans were still at the old house. So I left the batter on the counter and drove over and retrieved that last small pile of kitchen stuff (with a certain amount of cursing under my breath). But I got to bed just before 11:30 so that wasn't so bad. Got up early to frost the little buggers. They are very cute. Some of Lexi's invitations are done and on their way. Her party list is done. I've RSVP'd for the next wave of bday parties. I have a pendant to give her and just need a chain for it. Nod has some other presents squirreled away. We will proceed merrily into this springtime.

"and whatnot"
I have recently become aware that this phrase is being commonly used by people (young than I) when they are trailing off in speech, in place of "etcetera" or "and so on". I heard it from an attorney interviewed on NPR yesterday as well as in the speech of college students. Now that I've noticed it I find it odd because of the quaintness of the word  "whatnot". A few years ago I learned that a display cabinet can be called a "whatnot". I just googled the phrase and found a passel* of blogs that are called "XXXXXX and Whatnot" which just reinforces my impression that this is a very popular filler phrase. I will try to be charmed.

*and in the process I looked up 'passel' and was surprised to find that it's a variation of "parcel" (and of course means 'a significant quantity'). I had thought it was more exotic than that. In any case, a passel of something is about the same as a heap of it.

I've been invited back to the Moms and Daughters book club that we dropped out of last fall. They're reading Dahl's BFG for May. I think I'll give it a try. Maybe we can keep up. I'm touched that one of the moms asked us back. I had invited her to a theater event on campus. I'm trying to find some compatriots to go see Anything Goes at the university theatre in a couple of weeks. Nod doesn't like that song in particular (boggles my mind) and is generally not interested in musicals that are not Jesus Christ Superstar so I'm not twisting his arm.


The Subtle Rudder said...

The whatnot thing seems like some sort of unconscious steampunk affectation by the younger set. I've noticed it for a few years now, and it appears to be here to stay (at least until next time I start noticing and whatnot).

So when's a good weekend for a meet-up in Larwance (as my old punker friend used to call it)? I've gotta have something to look forward to, given all the house biz. Mostly it's all about waiting right now, but my brain is a squirrel on methamphetamine in the absence of actionable goals. Until I can galvanize around a course of action, I need some busywork and whatnot to keep the little tweaker occupied.

(WV is "ablect." Sort of a combo of "abject" and "blechy." Which, come to think of it, is a pretty accurate description of my mood.)

Nimble said...

Come on down! and look at the sometimes stinky river and the mountain that ain't. Soonest: April 24&25 contain no child birthday parties or mother-in-law visits.

My MIL is coming during the first week of May but I don't have the dates for sure. Will try to get that nailed down. Commencement is May 16 so that weekend is always squirrely and full of out of towners but nothing compared to an actual city.

...and then we performed an ablect and removed her sense of humor.