Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Nitty

Nod's been interviewing and exercising and generally being virtuously and productively busy during his "hiatus". We've both been pleasantly surprised that he's gotten several interviews. He's done two second interviews this week. I'm hoping he gets hired for the job here in town. I'm a little afraid he may get hired for the second position that is out toward KC. He's too worried about money to turn down anything. But it's managing a big call-center cube-farm and who the hell wants to do that?

I had been feeling like a cat with all my hair sticking up. But I'm relaxing as I settle in. The routine is coming along and I'm mostly getting enough sleep. It's nice being in the new place. The old place is showing signs of being unoccupied already: the pollen and petal-fall has piled up in corners in the yard. But I'm not feeling that it's such a raw wound. We have access until June, a long time. Time to retrieve the oddments, sell what we can and discard the things with our names on them.

At bottom, I'm worried that we're digging in our claws on a steep incline. We've found a place we can hang on for now. But any new bump will send us skittering further down the prosperity slope. I have a plan to feel a bit more leveled once Nod is employed again.

Oh but here's the part that I'm having trouble thinking about. Nod is looking at the jobs he is currently interviewing for as temporary gigs. He has decided that he should get a masters in Social Work and get a counseling license to start a new career as a counselor. He's done some informational interviews and has a program picked out (at Washburn in Topeka). I asked him whether we could live off of student loans or would need to look for a hovel. He claims that my income, plus a part time job for him plus students loans will keep us away from hoveldom. I wish I felt more enthusiastic about this. I agree that one of us needs more career leverage. But student debt and starting over are daunting me. I guess given the choice between Nod flailing in the sales environment and flailing in counseling I would pick counseling. There now I've rationalized it. And maybe he will whip that degree out and do his internship and pass his licensing exam and build his business and...  Where is the career vending machine?

I found Prince of Persia as a flash game. I used to play it on my very first Macintosh. Despite the nostalgia, it is still a solidly annoying game.


The Subtle Rudder said...

Daunted is a good word for it, but so is settled. Glad to hear the fur on your back is calming down, and I hope Nod can get a gig that's not too much strife for now and let the other stuff unfold once you guys have really gotten your feet under you. Sigh. Same shit, successive days, eh?

Nimble said...

TSR: Yes, I need to settle-down-Beavis and eat the bear one bite at a time.

When I get weary of being dutiful I just want to get out the clippers and give that bear a poodle cut.