Tuesday, May 11, 2010


If I didn't need so much sleep I could, in theory, get more sex. We don't ever manage to have sex at night. Nod's had Wednesdays off lately and we've done well with fast and furious nooners. But I hear that some people get busy at night when the kids are out of the way and things are quiet. Maybe if we go to another room. My bedroom after 9pm means only one thing to me (delicious snoozing).

The oil spilling in the Gulf of Mexico has been going on long enough now that I am beginning to be able to think about it. The whole idea makes me feel sick and I was averting my gaze at first. But it turns out that everything gets easier with repetition. I think as I hear that the oil has begun to land on the beaches and animals begin dying the anticipation is over. Now I'm wondering about the next concrete box attempt. I read that this one is nicknamed a "tophat" and will be slowly positioned over the broken well on Thursday. It remains to be seen whether ice crystals will clog this one as well. The AP story describes the problem as "icelike hydrates, a slushy mixture of gas and water" that crystallized on the surfaces of the cover. It's not described very well but I assume that made it impossible to form a seal and to direct the majority of the flow out the top into the waiting pipe. It was a methane crystal that became a bubble that broke the pipeline to begin with. My brain is clumsily trying to imagine methane in the form of slushy crystals under the deep sea floor. One more reason to like this story: I keep reading the phrase "undersea robots". Now if only they were smarter than humans.

I miss our leaky old house and the way we could listen to storms. The new place is so well sealed that I can barely hear the thunder. Yes, it's probably a good problem to have.

A pair of quotes from The Little Nugget by P.G. Wodehouse

1. Dialogue between a freshly engaged couple, discussing semi-dastardly deeds:
"Do you despise me?"
I perspired. I could think of no other reply.

2. Reflection upon the energy level of schoolboys and the need for outdoor time:
There is no pleasanter sight for an assistant-master at a private school than that of a number of boys expending their venom harmlessly in the sunshine.


Bee said...

I wonder if Camille's headmaster knows that second Wodehouse line? I imagine that he's the type to have well-thumbed copies of the Wodehouse collection.

The oil spill is just TOO horrible.

Speaking of sex, so glad that I have found the forum to share this. I was just reading an interview with photographer David Bailey and he claims, at the age of 72, to still be obsessed with sex. He says he needs to "engage" every other day, at minimum. I don't know which emotion of mind was more overwhelming: the amazement or the horror.

Nimble said...

Bee: I'm so happy to be your random sex comment forum! He sounds like an old goat. The sex drive can be set at such different levels for different people.

The oil spill is an unexpected tragedy. I really thought deep sea drilling was more predictable and under control than this proves. Ocean pollution (this is just one source) may be more of a problem in the short run than air pollution.

Bee said...

What's SO annoying about the oil spill is that seemingly it required a lot of things to go wrong . . . and they all did. You would think that the people in charge of this kind of thing would be a hell of lot more cautious.

One last thing about sex at 72: You would think a person would get bored of it.