Thursday, May 6, 2010


Gracious, I'm overdue for an update. Sorry to let you think I was stuck down in the weeds. I have bounced and things roll along pleasingly for the most part.

The spring light has been wonderful. No doubt I am demanding clouds and low pressure by mentioning it but we have had the nicest weather for the past few days. Clear blue skies with occasional cloudlets for decorative purposes only. Not hot but warm and inviting. Aaaah.

Got my blog boots on and moseyed over to the big city to see Bossy and friends last night. It was pretty warm and friendly. I annoyed the pizza waitstaff by blowing bubbles in their food delivery path. Next time I think I would opt for the old man bar instead of the hip rooftop patio. There was a surprising amount of interest last night in the concept of Beet Hummus so there's the link. Isn't it pretty? I'll forward it to Bossy once she is back on solid (not interstate) ground. Ms. Bossy was approachable and just as disgustingly beautiful as her photos would suggest. She and The Subtle Rudder were there to represent the willowy blogger end of the spectrum. What a treat to meet you, TSR! My first RL meeting with online friends. I'm still smiling.

Nod and I went to the monthly neighborhood meeting last Sunday. I had got myself worried about it for some reason. It was so good to get it over with and the unknown dispelled. I learned one more neighbor's name and heard about how the owners discuss/argue about things. It was good information gathering. As renters we vote on some things but not others. We both declined to join a nominating committee but I did volunteer to take notes next time. That's doable. We're launched now in our hippy-sharing-neighborhood-thing. That evening Lexi followed her friend Maria around hunting for ants to go in Maria's "ant camp" (a miniature ant farm). They had the best time collecting ants. Lexi has always been a gleaner. She loves to pick dandelions (yellow or seed heads), find acorns, collect bits of bark, and so on. Time to harness that energy -- I need to find the UPick strawberry farm and figure out when they'll be ready.

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Bee said...

I love meeting my blog friends. London is so good for that . . . as it seems to be one of the crossroads of the English-speaking world. My friend Elizabeth (of About New York and other blogs) spent the night with us last week and visited Jane Austen's House with me.

But pizza and beer sounds good, too!

Please send spring warmth. It has been hovering in the high 40s/low 50s this week. Entirely too cold.