Thursday, May 27, 2010

Small City Magic

Last night we walked over to the park to take in the first summer band concert of the season. These concerts start at 8pm which has previously been a little late for our pair of early risers. But they are older now and last night felt like it could be the first of many. The kids can wander around and play with their friends, who are there in droves. There is a fountain to splash in and last night there was a quadrant of happy hippy hula hoopers. There are dogs and babies and flowers. Some boy scouts raise the flag and some girl scouts sell snacks. I saw neighbors and said hi to some moms club folks I hadn't seen in ages. And oh yes, the band was there providing a handy focal point. We chose a spot behind the percussion guys so we got to watch the intricacies of kettle drum, snare, cymbal and bass drum management.

We walked over and were all smitten by the lovely evening, the roses and the happy folks on the lawn. It felt like a good night for some small city magic. Some sort of well-being spell to spread out from the center of the South Park bandstand.Then through leaves I saw the full moon rising. It just couldn't have been any more fortuituous. I imagine a trio of home grown witchy sorts, burning their sage and casting their circle to capture the friendly herd mood and amplify it.

On the walk home we saw our first fireflies of the summer. It was just one of those evenings.


The Subtle Rudder said...

I'm living vicariously through your firefly night. Sounds like one of those magical evenings when the midwest really earns her keep.

Bee said...

Fireflies remind me so much of my childhood summers. This post is a tribute to the good things about American small-town life.

Although England is beautiful in the summer, the evenings are always so chilly. You never get that wonderfully sensually summery feeling.

Eileen said...

Hey, longtime reader, don't know if I've ever commented before.

This is beautiful. And I'm a big sucker for fireflies. And childhood memories. Glad you had such a great night!