Friday, June 25, 2010

Boing, boing, dingdingdingding!

I have found a cute free pachinko game and I am going to have to ration myself. Sushi Cat!! It took me a bit before I realized that it was pachinko in a new guise. A wibblewobbly round cat guise. With Lucky Cat (Maneki Neko) bonuses! And groovy ska bkgrd music. Very little strategy, lots of watching the jiggly cat circle bounce. Total love. Here's an AV Club review, scroll down, it's the second game. Fond memories of my college roommate's pachinko game (dingdingdingding). Gravity and random rewards are fun.

In the morning I can go walking on a paved trail next to houses and a ditch creek. I only managed it once this week. I'm tired and dragging right now. Maybe I will catch up when Nod gets a real schedule in place. But back to the trail... I feel successful whenever I see animals. Monday’s haul: petite snails, a bunny, a woodpecker, a long tailed poodle, and a pair of hawks (I saw striped tails, maybe Sharp-shinned hawks or Cooper’s hawks).

On Saturday night my husband bravely went to the grocery store so we would have milk in the morning. When he came in he encouraged me to go out and see all the fireflies. I wandered out and could immediately see a few bugs lighting up near the houses, by the shrubs and trees. But when I got out to the trail by the ditch I was amazed. It was a multitude of tiny cool flashes, more than I've ever seen before. There was a great deal of communication going on out there. It was totally worth the three mosquito bites to see it.

I read Shauna James Ahern writing about how because of celiac, one bite of food with wheat in it can make her sick for days. But this sentence just sounded wrong: "90% of the serotonin made in our bodies is created in our intestines." After some googling I find that it is true after all. But the serotonin in the gut regulates the flow of stuff through there, not your mood. It sounds as though this isn't well understood at all yet. Harping on my belief that hormones rule our lives without our knowledge, it's probably got something to do with hormones as well!

The CDSea in England. Good art, man. An arrangement of thousands of shiny donated CDs spread out on a rolling meadow.

And for a parting shot: "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, but Hell’s patio is resurfaced with a nice textured concrete. Contractor did a great job." That's from adamisacson via the Art of Darkness which is good for the Halloween vibe all year 'round.

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AliBlahBlah said...

It was only when I went to Kentucky for the first time in my twenties that I discovered that fireflies are real and not a figment of a Disney animator's imagination.

I probably should be more embarrassed at confessing that.