Thursday, June 10, 2010


Flea Emergency
It's not just my new favorite hypothetical band name. After waking up with an itch and then soothing a child who woke up in the middle of the night with a flea bite I escalated our household to Flea Emergency on Tuesday morning. I do suspect that the nice people at UC Integrated Pest Management have dealt with more vast and disgusting emergencies than ours. But I had lain awake in the night seething and the situation could not stand! UC IPM recommends mostly using the vacuum cleaner and washing machine, with spot use of a pesticide if necessary. I've done seven loads of laundry now and will be vacuuming daily (! Let's just say that's quite a lot more frequently than my usual schedule) where the cat hangs out and around our beds. She's already been Frontlined but that just made them jump into the carpet apparently. Death to the itty bitty little fuckers.

The Big Bus
Nod passed his test, got his learner's permit and got to drive the bus yesterday. He confirmed that it did make him feel a bit like he was seventeen. He's finding the corners and giving hell to orange cones and the occasional curb so far.

A Week Late and Several Somethings Short
Happiest birthday last week to the divine Danish. I am cobbling up a strange handicraft which I will send you with much love. I'm sorry I missed the day. Hope you are well into your celebration of the early 40s.


amenaneri said...

Awww. Thank you for the public acknowledgement of my birthday! I am happily celebrating my birthday month, so your slightly late wish is very timely in the scheme of things.

Love you madly, and sorry bout the fleas. I'm trying to remember years and years ago to our last infestation. There was some sort of powder we put on all the carpets that was pretty effective, but I can't remember the product name. I think we ended up going pro...

Looking forward to the birthday present!

The Danish

Nimble said...

Hee hee! odd thing in the mail 6/14.

Bee said...

We've never had fleas; plenty of lice, though. (Do you have a dog that I don't know about?)

Congrats on Nod's new bus driving skills. Your description of giving "hell to orange cones" made me chuckle.