Friday, June 11, 2010


Most of the money stuff got finished today by noon. What a relief to get that over with and start a fresh weekend. The humidity was so high this afternoon that walking outside my toes in my sandals were sweating. So much water in the air I felt as though I should be looking for the beach. (Perhaps beyond that next cornfield?) We had a pizza and beer picnic in the basement because it was so much cooler than anywhere else.The children did not imbibe but Lexi did have a good time learning how to use a bottle opener. Then we went for a walk. It didn't last long but there were wildflowers and red wing blackbirds and bunnies (large and small) and I truly couldn't ask for anything more.

I am thinking about backing away from serving as a eucharistic visitor for the church. As much as I would enjoy supporting our deacons I don't think I need another responsibility. I need some puttering time, doing little creative projects. Did I mention my giant dancing puppet frame backpack idea? I have a sketch and everything, I just need to find an old frame backpack at a thrift store...

If you like folding paper, imagine the fun of making paper airplanes. Now imagine that you craft your paper airplane and then generate the wave of air that it rides on. This looks like such fun. I've made my first tumbler but haven't gotten the hang of the wave part yet. Thank you to BoingBoing for the link.

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Bee said...

It's been a long time since I've made a paper airplane. Just to link that with your second paragraph, my brother and I used to make paper airplanes from the church bulletins during the service.

Your walk sounds nice. I love summer for the long evenings when there is time and light to walk after dinner.