Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Before the forth

In Missouri
The last weekend in June we saw amazing butterflies including Zebra swallowtails and a beautiful black butterfly that I have yet to identify. There doesn't seem to be a "black butterflies" classification and I haven't stumbled across it in any of my web perusing yet. The wings were rich black, the single wedge shape of a Mourning Cloak. With just a narrow band of bright blue at the bottom edges of the wings. Glorious. The closest match I've found is an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, black form. But I'm not convinced.

Nod and I borrowed bikes and rode south down the Katy Trail on Sunday morning. (Built on the path of the former Missouri-Texas-Kansas railroad known as the Katy.) While Honorary Aunt and Uncle amused the children with a mud fight. I had only walked on the trail before. It is a wondrously flat place to ride a bike. Because Nod has the heart of an adventurer and is a more confident map reader than I, we ventured off the trail to go by a bird sanctuary area and loop down by the river. The farm roads were almost deserted, it was a very good time for car-shy me to ride. Only one open window cussing from a driver! Walking the route we took would have been a miserable trudge in that hot humid morning. But on bikes it was great, we made our own breeze and enjoyed the green of the fields and the enveloping birdsong.

Not Recommended: Dannon Greek yogurt, plain nonfat. It's bitter and quite a disappointment. I avoid nonfat yogurt as a rule because I value taste and a little fat keeps me from feeling empty and crabby so soon after eating. But I thought Dannon could rise above the nonfatness. Not so, bleah. Plus the extra creamy texture promised by the "Greek" tag is not as pleasing as I hoped, it's reminding me of sour cream.

Hair Triumph
I asked my haircutter to make everything shorter and smaller and I really like the results. I had to ask her to cut the bangs back twice and it's finally the shape I wanted. Jessica in the past has made the back of my head look consistently chic and well textured. But somehow she never could get the front up to snuff. She'd scrunch my thick wavy hair and while it looked fine going out of the salon, I would be cutting my own bangs within three days time. Despite this tendency to make me look better going than coming, I treasure Jessica and her amateur astronomer heart and I hope I can be her client for years to come. I never have much confidence in explaining hair shapes to hairdressers. So I regard this win as mostly good fortune, put over the top by firmness. I just made my next appointment, when it really shouldn't be all that grown out. Here's to feeling in control of the hair on my head!


The Subtle Rudder said...

Aww, the ride sounds lovely. I'm really missing the warm flatness of the midwest right now, from here in grey, chilly San Francisco. Wish I could head out on a bike in a tank top and freshcut bangs.

Ditto on the greek yogurt. Fage is a much better brand, but it's still really sour creamy--better as a savory thing, and of course, better with a bit of fat. I am partial to brown cow, but I don't let myself get low-fat vanilla very often because I tend to scarf it down with almonds in less than a day.

Hope all's well!

Post haircut pix!

PS: Word verification is "intickee,"" which seems like what any outdoor activity is in the middle west.

Nimble said...

TSR: Yes SF hills/streets would be the opposite of what we biked in MO. If you ride there watch out for doors, taxis and MUNI tracks. (Now I'm going to worry about you.)

I don't know if I'm proud enough to post a pic. We'll see after the trim.

I am happy to report that I have not seen any ticks on anyone's person so far this summer.

Bee said...

I completely agree about nonfat Greek yogurt: to be avoided.

I like the idea of having the heart of an adventurer. I hope Nod someday gets the chance to follow that heart.

I've only once had a hairdresser who I could trust to do something wonderful for my fine (and yet wayward) hair. Sadly, he died.

Last night we were talking about states that we had (or hadn't visited), and it turns out that Kansas is one of 14 states that I have NOT visited.

Nimble said...

Bee: I need to make a list. The Danish is very competitive about her USA state visiting, I think she only has two or three to go. Kansas seems to be far from everywhere...

I am glad you got to experience a haircutter who really understood your hair. And I'm sorry he's gone. Makes me think of men who came out when we went to college and who thought that they might be dead in ten years.