Wednesday, July 14, 2010


It's hot now and muggy. The kind of hot and humid that makes cornfields go crazy. And makes people wilt into sweaty heaps. I imagine being in front of a giant mouth, the air feels like moist hot breath. My husband is going to the lake to swim as soon as I get home to take over the childcare. We went swimming there on July 3rd and it was great. It was overcast that day but our timing was on. A couple of showers came through and we enjoyed the rain on top of the lake. It wasn't enough to get our towels/clothes soaked. We played in the water for two hours before the deluge came and the rain really settled in. It's not rainy now and although the muggy slows me down I'll take it instead of the rainy days.

I was sick for the weekend but it was just a virus. Katy came down with something that might be completely unrelated because how can you tell when the symptoms aren't exactly the same? At any rate she's been feverish for four days. Nod's home with both kids on his day off today. It sounds like her fever's finally gone but I don't want to get my hopes up too high since I was up with her at 5:45 and she needed another dose of fever reducer* then. Come on Katy's Immune System!

*I typed tylenol but do I want to embrace that brand name as noun? and neither acetaminophen nor ibuprofen roll off the tongue although sometimes I need their specificity.

The latest neighborhood meeting scared me a little. There was a particularly divisive issue that got aired and there were hurt feelings and tears and I am getting tired of hearing the phrase "good for the community". It's a very interesting environment. I think I'm cured of wanting to buy in. As I told Nod, I thought living here would be more like how I imagine living in a kibbutz would be (based on very little information) with set rules and a rigorous governing system and significant requirements of residents. But this is more haphazard with good intentions and not a lot of follow through. The tendency seems to be for people to pick something to work on and volunteer at it until they burn out and it's abandoned. Not much structure at all to assign more than one person to a particular task nor a way to hand things off neatly when someone steps away. Nod and I are still enjoying all the good social stuff and trying to do our part to keep the balloon in the air.

That's an itty bitty image from Sushi Cat above. If you need even more feline pachinko goodness there's a sequel:  Sushi Cat the Honeymoon.

I've gotten several things moved forward today at work and so am feeling expansive and like I have time to do the blog thing. It's a little unnerving without our office manager. There are some things I have taken over but others I am unsure about. Nothing has exploded yet. Promotion seems to be in the offing. We are anticipating a deluge of a start to the fall semester, having lost an experienced customer service person. It's our busiest time of the year. But I'm looking forward to it. I always enjoy the change of pace (we're usually so quiet in this office) and talking with lots of instructors.

Going to London soon? Even if you're only going in your imagination, like me, here's a wonderful discussion of Things To Do. Read the comments as well. I'm salivating over lots of these ideas. If you go, tell me all about it. Looks like she has a follow up post now specifically about visiting London markets. Sigh.


Bee said...

Thanks for the hint on what to do in London. No doubt I'm missing out on all sorts of good things. We have some American friends coming in late July, so no doubt we will be in full-on tourist mode.

We are in Portugal at the moment, which partially explains my absence from the blogosphere. (We've been here long for me to feel that it's okay to go on a computer; also, none of the 4 teenagers are currently clamouring for it.) It is hot here, but a nice dry heat with a good breeze. I doubt they grow corn.

It seems all wrong to have a cold in the summer. Surely we should experience good health when the sun is shining. I call all pain relief "advil" -- what it's worth.

Nimble said...

Bee: Enjoy your Portugal time. Not knowing much about that country, it makes me think of colorful pottery and cotton clothes. Any of that? And (fortified) wine of course.

The only good thing about being sick in summer is that it seems to go away quicker than in winter. Katy and I are quite recovered.

I know that you know plenty about London but it's always great to hear other's favorite spots. I liked this person's art and theatre focus.

The Subtle Rudder said...

Glad to hear you're better...I must say, I'm missing the muggy--although I'd take London or Portugal over any of this right now.

I suspect the people who end up in communities like yours share certain characteristics: the desire to do good, twinned with the tendency to be somewhat vague and ineffectual. But then, I am in Northern Cali right now, which may be coloring my impression. Apparently, I have limited tolerance...As my friend just said in couples therapy lately, "I do not want to get in touch with my inner eagle, dammit."

Good luck on the job front. Could be a welcome shift up and forward, and don't we all need that sometimes...

Bee, don't miss the octopus salad or the vino verdhe.