Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I made this big beautiful pie with whipped cream and berries on top for the 4th. I cussed at my pie crust but got that sucker into the pie plate in the end. It was very delicious. We are still awash in humongous cheap blackberries from the grocery store. It must have been a good berry year. And the berry farm south of town sent us an email that their blackberries are coming in this week too. I will not complain.

The 4th was rainy in a big wet way. We had our neighborhood potluck inside with no loss of jollity. Afterward many sat out on the porch enjoying the camaraderie. Until the blowing rain came in under the porch roof and spritzed everyone. The city set its fireworks off at 9:45 anyway. They stuck with their rain-or-shine policy. I heard the booms but didn't miss going to see them. The kids had pooped out about 9p (Katy shrieking and arguing to show me how not tired she was.) Nod went out (in the rain, remember) to see if he could get a good vantage point without going to the park downtown but it was not to be. Then he went to bed so he could get up before 5a and drive the super early morning bus.

The days before the 4th we went out to a fireworks stand that has free camel rides. Because even if you don't want any fireworks (a statement that makes no sense to my gunpowder tripping husband), what is better than a free camel ride?! The two camels on duty were very sweet and neither one bit or spat as far as I could tell. Besides her huge thickly-lashed dark eyes, I noticed that the female had very soft looking fur around her muzzle too. We talked about where we would put pet camels if we brought them home. (You'd have to get both, you wouldn't want one to get lonely.)

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Bee said...

Apparently the cold winter and hot summer has made for IDEAL blackberry conditions. I was just reading about that the other day.