Saturday, July 31, 2010

Week's end

Much work accomplished at my job this week. I'm rather proud of keeping things going along there. What a relief to have part of this Saturday to myself. Thank you children for sidling off to a neighbor child's house to watch a movie this afternoon. Nod is driving that bus.I've picked up some of the living room and may vacuum after I get a handle on dinner. Whoop!

Next week our relations come to town, Nod's brother and wife and two boys from Wales. And my MIL is driving up from Austin. We're hoping the Douglas County Fair will provide needed thrills beyond downtown, a lake, campus and the occasional ice cream parlor. We'll see how many want to go to the Demolition Derby. I'm opting out and insisting on earplugs for any kids. But at least it's outside so the soundwaves have somewhere to go. I figure the Europeans will be pretty wilted by our heat and humidity. Swimming and icy desserts will be important parts of our plans. I love my sis in law, the cousins get along very well and I am hoping for as good a time as when we saw them in Austin two years ago.

Have you read the Bill Murray interview in GQ? I skipped the link the first couple of times I saw it. But was highly entertained once I cracked and read the thing. If you have enjoyed any of his performances in the past you will enjoy this article.

Time to eat something potato-y, I'm waffling between frittata and potato salad. Oh that's right the kids won't eat potato salad, that makes it easy.

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Bee said...

Nod's brother lives in Wales? Details, please.
We have just come back from Pembrokeshire . . . as you can read on my blog.