Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Until done

It's August and those cicadas are with us after all. I didn't hear a one until after the first of August, they keep a tight calendar. It's baking here which is also right on schedule for this month. I am going to count the days until September 15 which is when we are contractually obligated to have cooler weather here in the NE corner of KS.

The northern Europe bunch did not curl up under the fans and refuse to go anywhere as I feared they might. They reached back to their Texas roots (at least the adults) and appeared to enjoy not having any Welsh drizzle whatsoever in the forecast. We went swimming at the outdoor pool and Lonestar Lake three times. Pretty ideal summer stuff. Sunday's lake swimming included being mobbed by itty little silver fish. We saw a school of 2 to 3 inch fish moving about roiling the surface of the lake. And then when we had forgotten about them they passed between Nod and I, a few of them leaping and bouncing off my shoulder. I shrieked, it was very entertaining.

I love my sis in law, she is brainy and mouthy and very competent. She's also complaining about turning 50 next year. I refused to compare crumbling infrastructure with her. We talked about tequila but only got around to some beer drinking their last night here. The kids got along well and everyone enjoyed the co housing model of nomadic children roaming about and playing. It sounds as though I enjoy my mother in law's company the most of any of us which seems a little odd. I hope the cousins can stay in touch in the future. This made me want to go see them in Wales of course. Which gets more unlikely each time I get to see them (about every two years). Frustrating.

New asst to the dir starting at work this week. Here's to new beginnings.

I tried again to read Jerome K. Jerome's Three Men in a Boat and found it just what I wanted. PGW's debt to him is clear. The purple prose describing the beauties of nature and then author's own skewering of it feel familiar and very well done. A cautionary description of camping in the rain is just the sort of thing I think about when choosing *not* to go camping. It's funny because it's not happening to me! The friends have made it through a miserable night:

"In the morning you are all three speechless, owing to having caught severe colds in the night; you also feel very quarrelsome, and you swear at each other in hoarse whispers during the whole of breakfast time."
I also hooted loudly at a horrendously loud dogfight (just between dogs, not a human-engineered dogfight) being mistaken for either a vestry meeting or a murder.


amenaneri said...

Do you mean you're the new asst. to the dir? Dir of what? I'm hoping to be the Exec. Asst to the Dir. of the SF Sym. Just waiting for people to get back from vacation before my final 3 interviews. Cross your fingers for me!!!

Sounds like a completely lovely family visit. I love the description of nomadic children in your cohousing place. Sounds so great. I hope the girls are loving it.

I heard about 3 Men in a Boat a while back--so glad to get the J-9 seal of approval! I'll hunt it down!

Miss you. We've had bracingly cold weather here--50s-60s, windy, overcast. Don't you miss SF?

Lucy said...

3 Men in a Boat was one of my very favourites when I was a nipper, I'd love to read it again, wonder if I've got a copy anywhere...

Glad the visit went so well. Probably best if you don't go camping in Wales though!

Nimble said...

AM: Nah, I was not asked to be Asst Dir. They want someone with budget management experience and I neither have it nor do I want to take on that mantle. We found a sweetie who did that sort of thing at North Texas State. I am supposed to have my position adjusted to fit what I actually do which has grown over the years.

Just crossed my fingers for your next job. Go you!

Heh, SF in August. Well you should get the autumn warm up next month. I do miss fog from time to time. I miss you definitely.

Lucy: I'm so glad to have gotten to Jerome K Jerome at last. I think it's especially funny if you have read something in the English lyrical nature loving vein beforehand. He turns that inside out so well.

Camping in Wales, let's not!

Bee said...

Rebecca read Three Men in a Boat when we were in Portugal in July. The last pub they visit, the Swan in Pangbourne, is near us. I will dangle that out there . . . should you ever be able to make the West Berkshire/Wales trip. Btw, we are only 1 1/2 hours from Cardiff. Where do your bro-in-law and family live?

We are already having the cold wind that brings autumnal changes. Wish I could send some of it to you in Kansas.

Talked to my mom last night and she saw a notice in the paper for the Becker's 50th wedding anniversary. Apparently, Amy is going to be there to sing. It's next weekend.