Thursday, September 9, 2010


Getting back in the saddle without much of a place to go. So I'll give the horse her head and see where we end up. Much water is under the bridge. The academic year is well underway at work and things have calmed down.

The girls like their new classes at the new school. What a relief. Nod and I are poised to ding at the teachers and ask for enrichment activities for our little smarties. Lexi especially needs more math. She did math which mostly consisted of copying numbers out and grouping last year. It was dull and repetitive and there's so much more she can do. Katy is enjoying her piano and violin lessons that she started this summer. She had a recital which was painful in several ways but very educational. She is reading music and playing with both hands on the piano. Her violin noises are rudimentary but I love the concentration on her face when she is finding the notes. Lexi has caught the bug a little and just asked me for a piano lesson. She'll try one next week.

My face is broken out in new and unexpected ways. The acne around the nose and mouth I am used to, but above one eyebrow? Quite different and perplexing. I don't think I'm going to try for medical assistance this time. Menopause can't be that far off, can it? Surely that will be one good thing about it. The PMS that accompanied this latest awful breakout was pretty spectacular too. I am lucky that I didn't get us in a car accident when I u-turned on a two lane highway at rush hour last Friday. Not a good moment. My decision making is back to its usual level now and I haven't risked any lives lately.

Have gotten rid of the lice and the fleas. Hoping that a third insect plague is unnecessary.

The cat is cute. Even when she runs out the door while we cuss at her. A week or so ago she ran out when we were leaving the house so she just had to stay out for a couple hours. She doesn't stray far so I no longer worry about losing her. But when she came back that day she had gotten the worst end of a fight. She still has scabs under one side of her jaw and a little one up by her ear. Nod mentioned that our lovable coward cat Jimbo consistently had wounds on his hindquarters when he'd been in a fight. Zing uses a different technique. But it makes me that much more determined to keep her in as much as we can. It's a cat rich environment outside our door.

 Zits are bad, bugs are appalling, cats are cute. I'm done for now.


Bee said...

We've had lice and hornets; also avoiding the third plague for now.
Sorry to hear about the ongoing skin troubles. Surely turning 40 should mean saying good-bye to all of that . . . but alas, no.

I hope that we can resume more regular blogging correspondence. And any day now, I'm going to get around to updating my Goodreads. :)

The Subtle Rudder said...

I've been a bad blogperson lately, but man, can I relate to the hormonal storms. I have a zit that looks like it may be my third eye, or perhaps the opening of a chakra (and now I've got the chakra/chancre think going in my head...and don't tell me your wordy brain didn't head straight there, too...). And I seem to have developed the week of cramps-n-rage complete with no period, which finally arrives a few days later. No fair. I am considering the patch. Estrogen, most likely, although if they have a xanax one, that might do the trick.

My word verification is, appropriately, nappers. And yes, guilty as charged.

Nimble said...

Bee: I've been reading Box Elder's meditations on hornets, they must really be annoying. We have wasps but generally they don't try to get into the house.

Ha! I imagine Goodreads would feel very much like homework. Please don't do it unless it would please you to.

TSR: If only my skin swellings would result in spiritual insight. Your wordplay reminds me of the lovely word "verruca" that I learned from Mr. Dahl. Good luck with patch investigation.