Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Improbable Tasty Words

Improbable was Sunday's word of the day. It was a day of sun, bright blue sky, white and gray clouds that looked freshly washed. I got up and asked Nod how we could help each other exercise. He helped me get outside for a walk in the afternoon and then he got his bike ride in. The crisp air (low 70s) and sunshine felt so good. The northern european in me felt that this was the perfect temperature. I started jogging and did 15 or 20 minutes. I have never aspired to be a runner* so it felt very out of character. (*In fact on many occasions I have sworn I would never be a runner. Honestly this was probably an artefact of the cool air and need to kick up my heels. There's only a slight chance I might have to eat those words.) I may look up "Couch to 5K" just to get some stretch ideas and try not to hurt myself. Clarification: I have no desire to run a 5K. But damn, it's hard to beat stepping outside and running for accessible exercise. The paved rail trail near our house is the icing on the cake. Nod said it's mostly a drag having seasonal affective disorder. But on the other hand, we know that whenever he can take a bike ride in the sunshine he will be happy.

We've stopped poisoning the cat. Zing was throwing up everything for a week and after a vet visit didn't offer any clues or treatment besides a nausea suppressor, I decided it was the food we were feeding her. Rather, the cheap kibble that I had mixed with the more expensive kibble. Said cat is better now and it makes me feel good to think that at the least I eliminated it as a possibility. I'd like to keep my cute floofy cat, thank you.

Red nose blues
I've had to stop using my yeast derived face cream. My nose is red and sore and sprouting the occasional zit. I've been dabbing it with neosporin but after some reading this morning will stop. (Overuse of general antibacterial products tending to result in resistant bacteria. Oh right.) Next home remedy I plan to try: yogurt. I will apply it for ten minutes once a day. I may report results if they are exciting.


And whoa -- I am pretty excited. One application this morning and already things are looking better. Instead of red and shiny all over I just have a deep pink area on one side of the nose. Yogurt = my friend.

Word Juggling for no particular reason Lawyers, Guns and Money  ::  Ladders, Gums and Nubbin

Dean of Libraries, isn't that a great title? The plural makes it sound like a Tarot card. Five of Wands, Two of Cups, Dean of Libraries...


Books i've been reading: Tom Holt's humorous fantasy novels. He's a British writer and I read some of his first novels back in the early 80s (Who's Afraid of Beowulf and Expecting Someone Taller I remember as charming). I got an itch to read him again and couldn't find anything although I could see that he's written stacks of books that appear to be fairly popular in the UK. I visited the huge and extremely satisfying used book store Page One Too in Albuquerque and found some of his novels. After reading these two: Here Comes the Sun and Odds and Gods I am underwhelmed. In fact they made me want to read Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett who both write/wrote in the same genre and did it better (sorry Tom). Try some of his earlier stuff if you have a hankering.

My mother's been reading Diary of a Provincial Lady and enjoying it as I knew she would. She doesn't speak French so she's a little frustrated by those untranslated bits.


Something on Twitter for you: Ruth Bourdain, a mashup of Ruth Reichl and Anthony Bourdain. Here's a quickie interview on Chow.com.

A pretty tree decorated with a labyrinth.


Lucy said...

If you put cucumber on your eyes as well you could be tzatziki.

I love that labyrinth; it's a pretty blog generally.

Nimble said...

L: Wouldn't I need lashings of garlic too? Mmm, tzatziki. I used to buy in at Trader Joe's when we lived in California.

Bee said...

Every now and then, when the temperature is just right, I actually feel like running . . . but mostly I don't.

Today, I was reading about a book (something to do with jungle) that has to do with healing food. I may order it; if so, I will get back to you. I realize this paragraph doesn't make a lot of sense -- but i'm thinking about your yogurt home remedy.