Friday, September 17, 2010


Just checked in online for my Southwest flight. I'll be meeting my brother when I get to the ABQ airport* tomorrow at 4:30. Mom's still moving slowly and letting her bruises heal. It's nice RB can drive me instead of a taxi. I need to find out how he's doing lately. Last I heard he'd thrown over HVAC grunt work for roofing estimates.

*This link about "terminal art" was the best I could find related to the International Sunport. I expected that they would have some sexy photos of the floor-to-ceiling two story observation lounge or some of the other areas. But nothing like that. They are missing a bet and being too modest. I know AM agrees with me that it's a very comfy airport.


The pilot took us around a towering anvil cloud out of Kansas City. At first a grey layer of cloud obscured the sun with just a chink showing sun bright clouds beyond. Then we  curved around and out into the sunshine. The clouds are such a provocation to my brain: they look like substantial sculptures. But they are just plumes and piles of water vapor. Snow, waves, mountains, curtains, clouds are nothing but similes.

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