Friday, October 22, 2010

Dragon Gobbling

Dragon moon
Last night the full moon was hidden behind the clouds when I went out to take some library books back. I kept glancing up to see if it would emerge but I could only see the glow. We are supposed to get rain today and last night was a bit warm and the air felt gentle. No wind on the ground but clouds were slowly moving eastward. When I drove home the moon came out. Now there were breaks in the clouds. They were thinner lacier strips. Watching the bright white disc among the swirls I kept thinking of Chinese dragons playing with their giant pearl. In Chinese folklore dragons are associated with water: rain, rivers, oceans. (The wiki article mentions a Nike ad which showed LeBron James 'slaying a dragon' which was banned in China. Interesting culture clash. No St. George for them.)

I called Nod out to watch the sky with me. I told him that I felt like walking and looking at the sky all night, and singing and crying. It wasn't in the cards. We chatted and I soaked up the moonlight for a while longer. I feel like I'm thrilling to everything, I'm ready to take off emotionally. Then I set aside my wanderlust and went in and made lunches and was fairly responsible. I realized that I don't know many songs with moon related lyrics. I'll have to remedy that.

While driving to work this morning I sang along with the Fleet Foxes. At the crest of a hill, I saw a flock of black birds flying toward me, passing above the gold leafed trees, against the pink clouds. My heart rose and tears started to come to my eyes. I blinked them back and avoided the pedestrian and went on. I am on the brink, receiving everything with my psychic ears spread like fans. (It would be interesting dancing with fans sticking out from my head. The air resistance would be new and different.) It makes me wonder what my hormone levels are. And how I could get them to be here again.

I remember feeling like this in my teens out in our yard in White Rock, NM. I think it was late summer, the winds were blowing and my white cat was excited too, frisking about. I felt like we could almost mount up into the sky. My hair was blown about and the cat and I were running here and there. It felt like the energy of the earth was moving through me.

I'm reading lots of books at once and trying to watch movies. I miss TV too. I have a great lust to consume entertainment right now. First book is about the Pueblo Revolt, the uprising of farming Indians who lived in settlements called Pueblos (by the Spaniards and now everyone else) in and around present day New Mexico. In 1680, after more than a hundred years of Spanish occupation several of the Pueblos attacked in unison. The Spanish were taken completely by surprise and driven out for twelve years until the reconquest. Right now the author is describing a religious shift towards kachina (or katsina) ceremonies that happened at about the time of the revolt. (Katsinas are intercessors between the people and the gods. There are many and they bring different gifts and stories.) The author is describing petroglyph images from that time that may depict katsina figures. I hadn't heard anything that specific about the images before so I am soaking it in.

I've started Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. It's taking me a while to get going on this one. I loved the Yiddish Policemen's Union so I'm hoping I'll cleave to K&C as well.

I have a stack of mystery novels that may turn out to be disposable. The one I've started with is South Beach Shakedown by Bruns. I had to abandon a cosy (Green Grow the Victims, by Dams) that was set in turn of the century Indiana among Swedish and Irish immigrants. It played too fast and loose with the autonomy and authority of a respectable immigrant female. Disbelief could no longer be suspended.

[Edited to add: South Beach Shakedown was stinky. Not recommended. Fantasy rock n roll writer narrator and his ditsy ex who resolutely ignored large blatant clues for 3/4 of the time. And no humor. Onward.] 


Lucy said...

I'll have some of that please...

Nimble said...

L: Next full moon, maybe you'll get it too...

Bee said...

This is a beautiful post. There were so many lines and images that I would just like to pluck out. Why does life so thrill us at times? Why are we suddenly emotionally responsive?

I was gobbling books all of October. I think that some escapism was at work.

amenaneri said...

I loved Kavalier and Clay...keep going, there's lots of great stuff in there.