Monday, November 15, 2010

At An Angle

I'm taking antibiotic pills twice a day now after seeing my doctor last week. The skin was continuing to get worse and not better. It was alarming. I'm a little disappointed to resort to the antibiotic big guns. I had been hoping that yogurt or the new moon or a different hormonal nudge would get my face to calm the hell down. But it was not to be cherie. So I've been taking this antibiotic for almost a week now and it's making me feel a little dizzy. Not bad, but off. As though the world had been dialed ten degrees to the right. I'm hoping for results. The area around my nose is a little better. But the results are promised after taking them for two weeks. So I'm planning to celebrate smoother happierskin in another week and a half.

I'm learning respect. Yesterday there was a monthly community meeting to talk about budget (due in December) and other regular meeting stuff. Only four of us were there to begin which seemed a bit sad. We got two more people and six was a great improvement over four somehow. There was a discussion of some of the items on the agenda, a refusal to decide on the two substantive items. One person got some resentments off his chest and two things he said made me happier about the whole shebang. One: we're using the process we have in place to make decisions as a group as well as we can. It doesn't make us hypocrites if it's not perfect. He also said that in order to keep the main meetings as short as possible, they chose to have a committees system. That way the details can be hammered out in small groups of presumably interested people and brought to the main meeting just for decision. Are you sleeping peacefully yet? I found it reassuring that there was at least the intention of avoiding extra long main meetings. The we had another lovely potluck which resulted in six pots of soup and no desserts for the first time anyone can remember. Kind of a nice change really. But I realized that what we needed was a soup sampler bowl with individual compartments for five or six different kinds of soup. A specialty ceramic item for the intense potlucker.

Cat pot
I don't see how you could watch these without laughing. I am just using the internet (a.k.a. conduit for funny cat pictures) for its highest use.


Bee said...

You can serve two soups in the same bowl if they are the same thickish consistency. A broth soup won't work of course. I kind of like your idea of soup bowls with separate compartments, though. I am making chicken tortilla soup right now. . . the smell of it is wafting up the stairs.

I hope the antibiotics help. :)
I may have to resort to some as well. My ears have been clogged up for three weeks and I have the constant feeling of hearing things underwater. It's horrible!

Nimble said...

Yay! Chicken tortilla soup!
My skin is better and the off-kilter feeling has faded though I can still tell I'm on something. I hope your sinus/ear fog lifts asap.