Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Late autumn

30 were at dinner in the Common House on Thanksgiving. I was sure there would be more than our two or three families but that was a bigger crowd than I expected. There was enough of everything but not much in the way of leftovers (exception: store-bought pies). My turkey was beautiful and tasted fine I think. The other turkey roaster also made gravy which was perfectly delicious. I *can* make gravy but I regard it as an uphill battle and all I was willing to do was roast the bird this time. Nod announced, as he does every year, roast turkey is so good, why don't we do this more often? I got a few of my cranberries but at the end of the evening the dish was cleaned out. I may have to cook more of them before long. I did make sure to have a turkey sandwich the next day. And then our neighbors used the rest of the meat for turkey tetrazini and had us over for dinner. Excellent dining and socializing. Played Apples to Apples Jr with the kids. Had long lazy mornings on Friday and Saturday. Didn't sell any girl scount cookies.

My bra straps won't stay up. What's wrong with my shoulders? The occasional week of pushups seems to be keeping my bingo wings in check. But the shoulders must be wasting away. Tightening the bra straps *does* seem like the first line of attack. But if that doesn't work I'll be demanding pity for my poor little shrinking shoulders.

My mother went to the ER last week because she felt short of breath and awful. They tested to make sure it wasn't her stent or her heart. It wasn't. They took her off all but two medications. But still she feels crummy, short of breath and not well. I am talking with her every couple of days. I offered to go out there last night but she demurred. I want her to be feeling better.

Snow flakes fluttered this morning as I parked my car at work. It's nothing that will accumulate, just a taste of winter. Nod asked me to drive the kids to school this morning because of the cold wind. They have been walking every morning with a fifth grader neighbor. It's so simple to send them out the door and watch them walk down the block. But then I feel a bit queasy. It makes sense for them to walk the seven blocks to school. But it's hard to give up the certainty of delivering them to the school door. The three kids together, plus two more they meet on the way, are competent to get to school. But what if... Nod says it makes him worry (he's a worrier) and makes him want to give Katy a cell phone. I understand the unease but I think that's an overreaction. Junior high is soon enough for a cell phone!

Edited to add: Go here to read about lots of wonderful new cookbooks. Shauna is very generous with her prose as always. She makes all these books sound great, and they're having a giveaway though I'm not sure how long it lasts.


Bee said...

I'm sorry to hear about your mother. I hope she DOES feel better soon. The declining health of our parents is a constant worry, really, even if it is simmering on the back burner.

We have been "guests" at Thanksgiving for years now, and I must say that I do miss the left-overs.

We got our first snow flurries today, too.

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I feel like a good definition for that will come to you . . .

Nimble said...

Hi Bee. Granfoo reminds me of silly honorifics like 'poobah' or it could be ersatz French for kerfuffle. I mistyped it as 'frangoo' which needs its own definition.

Thanks for your good thoughts. I now realize the luxury of *not* having to worry about my mother's health for so many years. Ah well. May we all be as well as we can be.