Tuesday, November 2, 2010


With scudding clouds and a wind to send the dead leaves swirling, the weather was perfectly Halloweeny. My long week was over on Friday and the costumes were done. I had a relaxed weekend and can carry on for lord's sake. The holiday was satisfying. After a party and going downtown and several blocks of trick or treating, Katy was battling me about knocking at houses which did not have a porch light lit. I can be arbitrary but really, it's an acknowledged rule. Our jack o'lanterns were wonderful. In fact I haven't had enough, I want to light them again tonight and sit outside with the kids. I don't like ghost stories but I suppose that would be the traditional thing to do.

The kids picked what they wanted to be and helped make their costumes this year. They enjoyed dressing up so much! I have pictures, will do the steps to get them up when I can. Katy found plenty of people who knew what a totoro was. And she didn't argue with those who thought she was a bunny. Lexi's enormous lollipop wand made her costume. The first thing I saw her eating out of her candy haul - an itty bitty box of raisins. She's waydorable.

It's blog posting month, I shall have plenty to read. And probably I shall baa right along and post more frequently too. But daily is not to be promised.

Our county voting office has a pretty good website. You can check to see if you are registered to vote. And where your polling place is; and get a sample ballot. But two of us scoured the site looking for the voting hours and couldn't find them anywhere. That's kind of an important piece of information. I emailed the clerk and trust they will update.

Now that the festival of sugar is over, what do we do with these pounds of candy? I am thinking of barter. I'll let the kids eat what they want this week but then I want them to trade me the remaining candy for...  Haven't quite got that yet. Maybe a movie outing or something. Hm.

Hurdles looming in November: snack for Lexi's Daisies meeting this Wednesday. Selling girl scout cookies. Katy's birthday party on the 20th. Thanksgiving with the neighbors, we'll be staying here. I wish celebration didn't feel like such a battle to me. I am not a natural hostess. I want to have events and throw parties but I don't know how to get help or make the preparation enjoyable.

From comments at the TV site (they talk about other popculcha but mostly TV) A List of Things Thrown Five Minutes Ago,  my favorite concept Halloween costume idea. I wish I'd seen it:

"My three-month old niece was a chicken - in a foil covered  stroller and with flames around the bottom, so it looked like a pot. My brother and sister-in-law each wore an apron and a chef's hat.  It was a giant hit."

My favorite costume at the neighborhood parade was a volcano: hat with flames shooting up, a round grey cloak with red lava felt.


Bee said...

On the chicken-in-a-pot idea, I saw a picture of a baby lobster in a pot! Ouch, but cute.
I think that the candy-barter works this way: Who made the costumes? You; that's right. (Love the lollipop skirt and wand.)

If you look on Facebook, you can see Camille dressed as a Vampire Bride (all her own doing). I "suppose" that it is a good thing that trick-or-treating is a bit more minimal here. The candy stash only lasted for the 24 hours of Camille's party and I didn't get any of it. :(

Nimble said...

Hi Bee, I guess it's a meme, the baby in the stroller/pot. I never came up with an airtight plan for swapping sugar for toys. So on Saturday I said it's been a week and your teeth need a rest. I told the girls to sort out their very favorite candies and they could keep 8 (this number was a little fuzzy but remained less than 12) and had to get rid of the rest. They loved sorting and prioritizing and gave me hardly any guff.

Lucy said...

Looks and sounds fun, we saw one little group here, crossing a roundabout quite a way from anywhere. We made a big play of waving them across, and I rather wished it was more of a thing here. I saw a few when I was in the UK; British kids got a reputation for being threatening and violent about it, possibly exaggerated... When we lived in a close of houses in Devon I baked pumpkin cookies, then lit candles and dressed up in a scary mask and cloak when the kids came to the door. Tee hee!

I have to9 say I get more reluctant to entertain and feed people as I get older, I used to do it far more readily.

Bee said...

My brother and I used to LOVE to sort and prioritize. It was our favorite part.