Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Random recipes for you. Homemade chicken nuggets from scratch. In case you need to do that. And I found rave reviews of this pot roast recipe. I just bought some shank cuts of beef and am going to try it with them. (There were no boneless short ribs on display and I didn't feel like having a discussion with the butcher.)

After all my media gobbling I have some commenting to do. I completed the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. I really liked the second one, to my surprise. The third one is a hoot just to marvel at everything they threw in. It felt like a food fight conducted with the contents of an entire Luby's cafeteria. And it made about that much sense. But there was some good clever writing when they got to the interesting curlicues of the story. I thought the horror element was surprisingly strong. Here's an intriguing article about horror in reference to two current Oscar contenders, Black Swan and 127 Hours. I don't want to see either one in the theater. I wouldn't mind seeing Black Swan once it's on DVD.

Back to Pirates: I was glad I had my finger on the FF button for some of the naval battle scenes that I found ho hum. But really the sum total was big dumb fun. Such a delicious cast: Geoffrey Rush, Mr. Depp, O. Bloom and I was charmed by my first exposure to Naomie Harris. She plays the voodoo lady/ocean spirit. I liked her better as a sort of Marie le Veau in the second movie. She didn't get to do much in the third. Except grow to be the fifty foot woman and turn into a shower of crustaceans. Oh Keira Knightly, Bill Nighy, Chow Yun Fat and Stellan SkarsgÄrd too, mustn't leave them out. Jack Davenport (excellent!) and the list goes on and on.

More Film
Watched the end of Catch Me If You Can last night with my husband. It's been a long time since we've watched anything together. What a good one that is. Leonardo Di Caprio is a gifted wayward teenager who learns how to impersonate people with a moderate amount of authority (pilots, doctors, lawyers) and forge checks in increasingly elaborate ways. Tom Hanks is the thoroughly uncool FBI agent who knows enough to track and sometimes catch him. And there's even a Christmas theme!

I am disappointed that I have failed to like two more mystery novels by writers new to me. The Case of the Missing Servant by Tarquin Hall (who gets extra points for his supercool name) was reasonably entertaining but I thought it condescended to its characters a bit. I finished it dutifully but don't plan to look for another one. A Fete Worse Than Death, post WWI cosy by Gordon-Smith. I wanted to like it but couldn't muster the interest to even get through it. Cardboardy I'm afraid. Currently I'm reading the latest in Kim Harrison's sexy witch series Black Magic Sanction. Her previous book was a bit limp. If this one doesn't pan out I'm going to go back and read the first three in this alternate magical Cincinnati series again because they were a hilarious good time. I'm also trying to read The Polyglots by William Gerhardi which I found on The Guardian's 100 Comic Novels list. It is a turn of the century satire and much of it I don't have the references to appreciate. But I may muddle through. As my Christmas present to me I bought some $25 hair spray conditioner (eek!) and the latest Terry Pratchett out in paperback Unseen Academicals.


Bee said...

Are you a Pratchett fan? I've never read him, but I've bought his books for various teenage boys in my life and they all love him.

Thanks for the nod towards pot roast. Am casting around for dinner ideas at the moment.

Nimble said...

Yes, I'm a hard core Discworld nerd. It's my comfort reading. Some of them I like to read over and over again. My inner British teenage boy is showing.