Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It took me three tries to get my torso dressed Tuesday morning. Third shirt was the charm. I felt pretty dim for needing all those attempts. Any ideas for taking wrinkles out of cashmere? I have a thin green sweater I wanted to wear but its months in the winter storage box have left it too crumpled. Hm Lucky magazine, whoever they are, suggests a medium steam iron but with a damp white cloth between the sweater and the iron. That sounds promising. I settled on a blue striped blouse and a nylon/wool, shawl-collared cardigan. The radio announcer said it was 14F when I woke up.Today I am wearing a new sharp shouldered jacket with a brown and turquoise print and really great ankle boots. Here's to Jennifer who handed me down her shoes.

Tickle in the back of my throat. Result of licking envelopes? Or harbinger of worse to come? Thinking about illness reminds me that over the weekend we had a terrible experience in Target involving vomit which I tell you now so you can skip to the next para. Lexi felt nauseated when we pulled into the parking lot. But then she seemed to perk up a bit once out of the car. I guess I should have turned around and taken her home. But I didn't so she curled up in the basket while Katy shopped with her birthday gift cert. Lexi had not been interested in lunch earlier but ate a late afternoon snack of raw spinach and nuts that she cracked. I don't know if it was the weirdness of that combo or a bad nut or leaf but eventually she barfed over the side of the cart. Lucky for the Target cleaners it was on the linoleum. Sadly for all of my fellow humans in that part of the store, it was green and gross. I notified a clearly disgusted camera counter guy that clean up was required and got the kid to the restroom. She felt better immediately. It felt like an unskilled parenting moment and an iconic parenting moment all at once.

I'm working through the Big Bang Theory first season. It's not as hard as that phrasing made it sound. I read that Wil Wheaton's been doing an evil Wil character there in season 3 and 4. I'm liking them, Jim Parsons is very talented. Having lived in Los Alamos, NM I can opine that physics geeks are generally more grubby and monosyllabic though I can respect the artistic choice to change that up. (Before I obtained my present employment I interviewed for a part time office position with the physics and astronomy department. Interviewing with the chair who had a crappy haircut, highwater pants and a worn thin plaid shirt, I felt right at home.) Watching tv show entertainment without the ads tempts me to down them all in a sitting like eating an entire roll of sweet tarts instead of just five or six. And the library is breathing down my neck. I've been so greedy to watch things that I have them stacked up now and am trying to find the time to see them and then get them returned. Whew such pressures.

Two preposterous names I made up: Pristicod Barebones and Bingo Pete. I don't know why B and P are appealing so strongly today.

My skin is much better. But now I am officially tired of taking the oral antibiotics because I have a metallic taste in my mouth. I noticed it a couple days ago and now am tired of it. Too bad since I'm supposed to take these until January.


Bee said...

I wonder if Xmas cookies would help with the metallic taste? Fruitcake? I have been possessed by the urge to bake; wish that I could share some of my efforts with you.

The barf story: spinach mixed with nuts was a pretty strong visual. Urgh.

I think that the ironing/damp cloth trick would definitely work with the sweater. And you know I love to iron!

How do the Christmas cards go? We are still at the beginning of the process, so this year's may be more of a new year's card.

Nimble said...

Hey Bee, I saw your xmas in space post, those pictures are fun! I'm glad you've been bit by the holiday baking bug. Right on time! I am still plenty hungry so I'm giving everything a try and I can taste food, it's just a bit off.

You are my ironing muse. I ironed a tablecloth last week and thought of you.

We will probably get a few cards out before xmas but not many.

Bee said...

I just picked up the cards today. Maybe by Xmas if weather and the postal service permit?

(If I have to be infamous for something, it might as well be ironing.)