Thursday, December 16, 2010

Meaning and the Search for it

Blogging and the meaning of life
Reading blogs is all about control over my experience, and selecting what I read to my own taste. I get to read when I choose to, visit the writers that appeal to me. But as narrow and self determined as all that sounds, it's also a window. It brings me happy accidental discoveries. A blog post that gives me a bright close glimpse of another life is a metaphor for discovering the larger world.

How web hosting works
Whoopee's husband's illustration of how the web and web hosting works (squirrels in tin hats visiting trees).  
I love the sincere and hilarious attempt to understand. I think I get it more than Antonia does but I'm not quite there despite the cute squirrels.

Manifest This
Reverb 10 is a site encouraging everyone to "reflect on this year & manifest what's next". I don't like the verb "to manifest" used in terms of self actualization. (If someone is manifesting I expect them to be supernatural or at the very least a conjuror.) But I keep liking the thinking/writing projects created by their clever contributors. I've been reading them because Schmutzie, that fearless self telescoping word wrangler is doing them.  The prompt for 12/15: "Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010."

Mind blowing idea. I will try to corral my weak and wandering memory to do this. Remember the letting go of the bankruptcy and the old house. Finally being able to unclench in the new place, in early fall. New friends in our new neighborhood. The girls taking to music lessons like ducks to water. My husband going through his shame and failure and finding a new direction. Remember him rediscovering feelings of worth and satisfaction. Happily I will have my blog posts to fill in the gaps. And good god, that's 59 posts before this one! So remember to be proud of my beach worth of wordy sand castles. Here is Schmutzie's response to this prompt. 

Edited to add
I took the meat off of beef shank cuts last night. It was very educational, kind of difficult and a bit disturbing. I am hoping that my pot roast technique (braising in a covered pot with liquid for three hours) will be enough to make it tender. I have bones (with marrow!) left over that I think I should make stock from. Time to consult the Joy of Cooking.


Bee said...

I visited the post about the squirrels and really I couldn't make head or tail out of it. I'm quite content to not understand how it all works . . . as long as it does work. That's why I never became a scientist, I guess.

I've come across a few of the Reverb things. Must look into it more, although I agree with you about the manifest thing. Basically, I can barely keep my head above water with just my normal posting and visitations -- but I am so aware that this blogging thing has become the journal of my life (even though I am quite selective). I'm about to enter my fourth year of blogging, and I've certainly never kept a diary for so long!

Must now abandon Internet seductions and crack on with the Xmas cards.

Nimble said...

Damn, Bee has it been 4 years already? Wow. Good for you for getting the cards out.

peevish said...

I love the Joy of Cooking. I hope the beef turns out wonderfully. I'll bet it will.

I'm at

trying to avoid my MIL. She already stalks me on facebook, that's enough.

Nimble said...

Ah yes, selecting your audience. Thank you! I see you want snow so I'll wish it for you.