Friday, December 3, 2010

A New Tack

My mother has a diagnosis now and is taking medication and starting to feel better... we think. What a relief. Her doctor thinks some internal lining is inflamed, either heart (pericarditis) or something else. It happened after her stent placement so possibly there was a bacteria or virus brought in during the procedure. Hurray for anti inflammatories and for her not feeling so short of breath that she can't do anything active but just sit quietly. She'll be up and chewing out contractors in no time*.

*If you need a home improvement project accomplished, my mother would be the ultimate supervisor to make sure it got done correctly. She demands results and has extremely high standards (I might say unrealistic stds). I would never want to work for her.

Office xmas decorations are up this morning. The power of suggestion is never lost on me and I am humming carols to myself. Our new office manager told me tales of her family's tradition of going to the forest in Alaska to cut a Christmas tree. Usually it was rainy (she's from Ketchikan, think weather like Seattle only more so, and only a hair's breadth from being Canadian) rather than snowy. She explained that these were always real middle-of-the-forest trees. So they grow in pairs with one flat side and a length of leggy, branchless trunk. In fact she said they were so one-sided that they would put heavy ornaments on the bare side to try and counterweight the tree and keep it from toppling over.

Our tree cutting outing three years ago was so perfect (softly falling snow, pink cheeked little children and all) that I doubt we could match it. I'll probably get a little tree at the hardware store, they have nice ones. I like to get a tree about two weeks from the 25th so not this weekend but next.

Should you need some vicarious foodie joy, go read Katyboo. Her lush descriptions of that tasting menu are very convincing. Crab and paprika had me particularly interested. On a more quotidian food note, I will bake another lasagne tonight. The first one was wonderful and this time I will have some to freeze! 

Yesterday evening was strangely shaped. Katy was invited at short notice to go swimming after school as a birthday treat for a classmate. I agreed and sent her off with her suit and towel. I had the classmate's name, her mom's first name and that mom's cell phone. But that's all, I didn't know their address or even their last name. Katy of course had a wonderful time and the mom called us with their address finally so we could collect her. Lexi got a solo piano lesson and then her teacher was headed downtown to see the festival of trees and took Lexi with her for a quick visit. I had about an hour of unexpected kid-free time, it was refreshing. And then I was glad to get them back.


Bee said...

I'm glad that your mother is getting back into her perfectionist/harrassment of workmen mode. No one likes to see the diminishment of a formidable character.

That Alaskan tree sounds really, really sad. These people must have delighted in adversity.
(I'm a right-after-Thanksgiving tree person, by the by.)

Nimble said...

@ Bee: Well put. As I recall your maternal presence is pretty formidable too.

Elizabeth assures me that she remembers those scraggly trees fondly. And don't you worry about your tree drying out if you put it up so soon? Or maybe you're rocking an artificial tree? I think if we went with artificial that I would put it up earlier.