Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rolling over

Goodbye Christmas, it's nearly time for the new year. My mother-in-law started her drive back to Austin this morning. My cold is hanging on, just thinks my nose is a great place to be. The kids have been surprisingly easy to entertain. Sometimes our oldest gets a little unhinged when school is out. The lack of routine seems to set her off. But we got lucky -- not this time. They're back to school on Monday which seems too soon already. It makes my working schedule easier but still.

I am bored with myself and have resolved to learn something new. Spanish vocabulary perhaps. Nod suggested a phlebotomy course that I've looked at before. I don't think this is the time but I'll be sure and report if I fling myself into vein studies.

I finished The Help by Stockett and it was a book I enjoyed reading. The first chapter is an unpleasant experience so I wondered if it would be a "good for me" book that I would have to skim to finish so I wouldn't get too upset. But then the narrative shifted to another  character and there is plenty of sweet interleaved with the bitter. There are some weak moments but there is a lot of love and good observation there. I think the author can't resist pointing all her characters in a good direction at the end. I had a good time reading it and the afterword about the author's experience and investment is fascinating. I am wary of reading book reviews because I am going to go to a new book group meeting and discuss it! I'm excited! We'll see if I like this gang better than the last group I tried. They sound younger. The anticipation is great and we'll just see what develops.

I'm eating leftover cornbread stuffing with turkey and gravy and green chile. Happy sigh. I have to get to the grocery store to get the black eyed peas for new year's day. I think I have a smoked neck bone in the freezer to cook them with. I fed the cats and fish of the next door neighbors while they were away for a few days. When they got back they said we should do something new year's eve-y. We agreed that all of us are generally not midnight partiers. So we are all looking forward to an early happy hour after the kids are in bed. And the next day we'll have a brunch in the common house.

I am a bit fuzzy headed and still looking for new ideas. Send them when you find them.


The Nag said...

For some reason I find it hilarious that you have a smoked neck bone in your freezer.

Nimble said...

@ Nag: Sadly in fact I do not, I must have discarded the last one when we moved. I bought them thinking I would make soup with them but of course never got around to it. There is much romance in the idea of a smoked neck bone.

Lucy said...

That 'phleb-' prefix always turns me up somehow.

Happy New Year to you and yours; your cat is gorgeous.

Nimble said...

@Lucy: Happy 2011 to you too! The cat gets extra points for not bothering the Christmas tree hardly at all.