Friday, February 25, 2011

Mud pots

How about a recipe. Here's one of my favorites, Polenta Kale Stew. I don't always add as much kale as called for. Because damn that's a lot of kale. Also I was in a tizzy for a while about whether corn meal was the same as "polenta". Whether it is or not, it works just as well in this soup. So use what you've got/can get.

Beware during the polenta adding step. It will be a thick kale-lumpy boiling mass and when you add the corn meal it gets thicker and starts to resemble a Yellowstone boiling mud pot. It will start to spit and tiny globs of boiling soup will be flying around. I cussed a blue streak and had to rinse my hand three times while adding the corn meal. After the scary burn part is over I love the thickness of this soup. Leftovers will gel in the fridge. You can add cooked chicken but I found that I'd rather eat my meat separately. Bon appetit!

I want a production company so I can name it Nummanumma or something fun. I was just reading about the popsong "Rocketeer" which was produced by the Smeezingtons. I want to hug their name.

Just started season three of Slings & Arrows, the Lear season. The first episode didn't seem to be doing very much until the end, ouch. Still very taken with it, infatuated. Nod's been enjoying them too, it's bringing back some theater memories for both of us. I loved studying Lear. I wonder how much I remember.

We're having crappy early spring storms. It rained/sleeted/snowed 3 or 4 inches last night. It should all melt in Sunday's rain. I don't care, I figure crappy spring weather is better than crappy winter weather. Longer light is releasing me from my desire to hide and hibernate. Exhale.

Oh I just saw a news piece on The Help by Stockett. Ablene Cooper, who once worked as a nanny for Stockett's brother, is suing her because she says the character Aibilene Clark is based on her and she finds the characterization humiliating. What will happen next? I don't know if there is a right side to this dispute. Although it seems a misstep for the author to have chosen a name so close to a living person's.


Bee said...

I have a batch of slightly yellowed and weary kale in the frig . . . but I think I better feed that one to the compost heap and get some new to try this recipe. Funnily enough, we can't find cornmeal here -- so I always substitute polenta. They are not exactly the same, but similar enough.

Sorry to hear that you are getting a last blast of winter's worst. One of my blog-friends wrote a lovely little post about enjoying winter and not trying to rush, emotionally and mentally, into spring . . . but nah, I just can't do it. I'm afraid that whining about winter will continue to be one of my personality characteristics!

Nimble said...

Hiya Bee, yes compost the old and find some new. A pound of kale is many many leaves but of course it cooks down

Your flower photos are so wonderful. I see some shoots up here but the flowers are wisely waiting a while longer.

Lucy said...

I've got a bag of polenta too, and keep promising myself all kinds of treats with it, like cornbread, and, well, polenta. Don't see much kale here either but maybe savoy cabbage, the outer leaves, might do.

Now I've at last got a late winter break I might actually do some different cooking.