Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I am a slow moving beast these days. I have a long post about seeing my mom and her health. It doesn't feel like conversation but just dumping and yet I haven't been able to post anything else. It's blocking me. I guess I'll get that out here just so I can feel I'm past it.

Hope my brain can be more squirrel-like in the coming days. This tortoise stuff is getting old.


Bee said...

I love the squirrel header! May we all be so fleet . . . and motivated.

(Sorry that worries are getting you down. xx)

word verification is litrat:
squirrel who likes books?

Joolie said...

Whoa, lookit that squirrel go! Hope the block eases soon.

Nimble said...

@Bee: Lit-rat, that's a good one. I'm more at half mast than worried.

@Joolie: Last fall I saw five squirrels in the road at one time chasing each other. Weird.