Friday, March 25, 2011

Out lion! Out lamb!

March is sidling toward the door and I have barely acknowledged it. Ah well, it's also bringing a weekend with highs in the 40s and a rain/snow mix. But besides resenting the inhospitable temps I think that's what March should do, swing wildly between colder and warmer and throw some random precipitation on us. Sorry fruit trees, hard frost for you.

Watching Kids in the Hall to continue my Canadian entertainment trend. I have been surprised that the interstitial bits -- scanning shop windows and grocery store shelves -- are giving me nostalgia pangs.

I've got nothing but wanted to lift my face toward the future. Insert hopeful tableau here. Just finished Misfortune by Wesley Stace. I'd recommend half heartedly if you needed a long book. A jolly pastiche is how one review went but I don't think it quite reached that height. Admirable language, some of the characters were distinct and memorable, but a bit of a mess bullied by its bossy lost heir plotline. I'm starting Oryx and Crake now and hope that Ms. Atwood will soon have my attention firmly in her dry narrative grip.

Have an enjoyable weekend even if you spend it indoors.


Lucy said...

Oh but when it's a really sunshiny little frisky lamb there's nothing like it, I think, with the smell of the poplars and so much of the best still to come.

Nimble said...

That's the spirit! I admit that I have been really enjoying the variety show aspect of spring flowers this year. First the crocus all alone for about two weeks. Then the first daffodil. Then the flowering trees and forsythia popped. And itty bitty little bright green leaves.