Friday, March 4, 2011

Serious Primate

Light and Dark
Finished Robert Sapolsky's A Primate's Memoir last night. To be strictly honest, I skipped over most of the account of the baboon deaths to get to the end. His anecdotes of being a young dumb American science guy exploring Africa, living with the animals and doing his research work are sidesplitting. Except that there are some sad stories that are interleaved. It all takes place in postcolonial Africa and its vanishing habitats after all. Now I'm regretting recommending it repeatedly as a light hearted read. So to those I recommended to: a belated warning that there's some piercing sadness in addition to the laughs. His travel to the Mountains of the Moon to visit the mountain gorillas and Dian Fossey's grave is affecting. The description of the terrassed farms as far as the eye can see coming up the slopes of the mountain explains why the forest territory is vanishing better than anything else I've read. I am glad I read the book. I laughed, I cried, I'm a primate too.

Slings & Arrows is also delving into the dark for the third season. The Lear episodes are not nearly as sexy as the first two seasons. I'm a little disappointed, being all in favor of sexy, but I have to admit it matches the material. Immanent death, betrayal and foolish behavior as promised. I have one more episode to go. Now I wonder what other Canadian tv series I have left to discover. Bring me more Canadians!

I'm absurdly proud of myself for walking to work this morning. It took about 25 minutes which is the same amount of time from the old house. I never would have done it except that Nod's Subaru wagon crapped out on the highway yesterday and is in the shop awaiting diagnosis now. He's got my car today. (And note to myself, we've got to get that one's oil changed pronto.) I looked at my bus options and considered making him go late and drop me at work first. But I'm glad I walked, it was easy. The rain in the forecast is holding off, which contributed to the pleasant walk. I may bus it this evening depending on how much wet is falling from the sky at 5pm.
Midday: thunder, dark, pouring rain 39F.

Soup Updates
My tomato basil soup yearning remains unfulfilled. I went to the Aldi store thinking that they might have giant cans of whole tomatoes but no. It's good to visit them once every four years or so and marvel at all the frozen food I don't need. I did make black bean soup and Katy and I enjoyed it mightily. Nod and I cooked all the meat in the world last weekend and are still finishing that. I made a delicious slo cooker beef shanks, that link is not my exact recipe but close, Nod cooked cube steaks (excellent sandwich fixins) plus pork and potatoes. I think I may celebrate Friday night by going to the grocery store once Nod brings the car home tonight.

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