Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tangled, Baby, Soup

A few squibs to lay out today. 

When I was in Albuquerque with the girls, the apex of our entertainment was going to see Tangled in the theater. It was a snow day for ABQ so there were plenty of other families at the movies with us. It was a hoot, very entertaining and funny and I cried a bit (it doesn't take much) and the floating lanterns were beautiful. Boy those Disney folks can deliver sometimes. (I didn’t see the Princess and the Frog, was it as good as Tangled? Gosh, Metacritic says they liked it even a little better. Guess I’d better put that one on my list to watch too.) Tangled melted on the tongue, like cotton candy. But moments are sticking with me and the voice actors were supreme. All three leads were so good! I thought the baddie was voiced by P. Lupone but it turns out to be Donna Murphy who I didn’t know at all. My kids loved the horse! and the little drunken old man who dresses up as Cupid. Best laugh: when they get to town Rapunzel’s extra voluminous hair is getting in the way. Her escort sees four sisters, little girls who all have multiple braids in their hair. He asks them to braid Rapunzel’s hair and their eyes get really big. Fabulous.

Molly Lewis puts her feelings into song form in “An Open Letter to Stephen Fry”. Twenty years ago I'd have joined her (although then she'd have been too young so that doesn't work) and we could have cooked up a playgroup of half siblings. I suppose the dialect is not gene-borne. Pity.
It's a slow day at work and I am fantasizing about making soup. Nordstrom's Tomato Basil is the one that's caught my eye. Although I'd also like to get a pot of black bean soup done.

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