Monday, April 4, 2011

Fool Me

Two writers who both have meaty content but an airy style. They both engage with their reader with an emotional swirl. Here is Jennifer Michael Hecht who is a poet and teacher and writes about poetry, nature, and reasons not to kill oneself. She had two friends who suicided and she wrote a beautiful call to anyone else considering it to cut it out.  She has reasons! She imagines humanity as a big group of friends in a way that isn't silly. I like her blogging so much I might even try reading her books.

And here's Catherine Newman who is the Buddhist hippie mommy blogger who writes for a Disney family magazine. I don't know how that combo works. Oh wait, just caught up on blog posts and what do you know, she's off that mag. At any rate I wish her only good things and wish her endless readers and lots of good gigs on the way. I think I have to make her Smoky Saucy Chickpeas with Spinach now.


Last week my coworkers and I got an email from our director that this group will become part of the larger campus IT dept in two weeks. She (the director) will be given a trainer position while she looks for a job at a different univ. We have yet to hear from IT to know what the plan is if any. There was much consternation. On Thursday evening I watched my kids be absolutely amped up about April Fool's day. They were planning many pranks and my first reaction was to grumble but I took the resolve to be pleasant about it. I decided I could grit my teeth and be nice. Then I drank a small glass of wine. Later when I found that Katy had dyed the upstairs toilet water a brilliant green I started laughing. And continued for several minutes. Their delight in being tricky was as vivid as the emerald water. It occurred to me (ridiculously) that we were lucky we didn't have an outhouse for them to push over. Which made me laugh harder. It was an excellent stress outlet. And the next day it turned out that I *loved* their pranks. The big one was that the driver's side of my car was full of stuffed animals when I went out in the morning. I flung them into the passenger's side and enjoyed driving around with them all day. Lexi made up her own prank. She posted a sign in our front window "Pies $1.00". And then a teeny sign on our doorbell "April Fool's!" Because you see we did not have any pies for sale at all. Ingenuity and delight.

I have applied for another on campus admin support position. It feels good to take some positive action rather than wait to see what IT has for me in their wisdom. Hopefully there will be other positions I can fling my resume at. Guess it was a good thing that I had to update that thing. Despite my moaning at the time.


Bee said...

Thank you so much for sharing the girls' incredibly sweet April Fool's tricks. I've been watching the news about the hijacked American budget and I just feel so depressed.

A lovely lavender and orange sunset in Texas tonight. You don't get those in England. I'm sad that the stars haven't aligned for us to meet up this year, but hopefully someday . . .
We are off to Austin tomorrow! xx

Nimble said...

@ Bee. I woke up this morning to budget coverage on NPR and muttered "those fuckers!"

I'm glad TX is coming through with the sunset action. Have fun!

amenaneri said...

Hey, Nimble--
Are you still at all involved with pro-choice activism? KS seems to be the scariest state in the union for massively insane anti-choice murdering bastards...Rachel Maddow has been doing a series of feature stories on KS--murder of Dr. George Tiller in church by fanatics, and the harassment that is now begining for his successor. Tonight she had a story, then a great interview with an author who just wrote a book about it--the Wichita Divide. I just wondered if you have any thoughts on the subject.

(Sorry to hijack your comments...the budget comment, plus just watching Rachel provoked me)

Nimble said...

Hi AM: Mmm, I am not a reproductive rights activist but I think I need to be. Lawrence is feminist friendly. But it doesn't take long to drive out to the country where anti abortion billboards stand in the cornfields. I'm full of antipathy when it comes to our current governor and his determination to put himself between a pregnant woman and her doctor.

Lucy said...

Those are such wonderful imaginative pranks, the soft toys one was my favourite.