Thursday, April 21, 2011


Poncho finished. Started a hat. Realized last night that I hadn't measured the gauge and they used giant yarn in the pattern. The result is that my hat is just right for a mini head but far too small for any of our large human heads. I guess I'll finish it and it'll be for the stuffed animals/dolls. Oy. No doubt it was a good learning experience.

Kate Atkinson's Case Histories was wanted by another library patron so I let her go. I will try it again later. The tactile details were amazing. And I liked the characters, even the depressed passive-aggressive mother. I got only as far as the first case history.

I have gotten Crooked Letter Crooked Letter under way and am enjoying it. The protagonist's girlfriend is described as having a mouth "always in a little pucker, off to the side, always working, like she had an invisible milk shake." I still love southern dialect.

Finally had a meeting with the new overlords. They claim to be finding their way too, that there is no big behind-the-scenes plan. No job eliminations are planned. The words were reassuring and I hope the follow up smaller group meetings go well. I was mollified when the director's PowerPoint presentation was prefaced with an apology. And only had 4 slides. She kept the business jargon to a minimum too.

Laugh of the week: I got my expanded job description and raise approved. Now get ready: my increase will be $0.35 per hour.
I'm trying not to do any celebratory shopping. No word on the other position I applied for. I know searches are usually very slow on this campus so am not concerned. Not sure I want to cleave unto the writing program. Mulling.

Both girls got up early this morning. Lexi came to snuggle with me in my bed. I kept trying to shoo her away since I feared her power to cuddle me back asleep. That would lead to waking up forty minutes later when everything would be fraught. Katy bounced into her clothes and went downstairs to practice music. We had talked about practice first thing in the morning so it wouldn't be forgotten. Her "Go Tell Aunt Rhody" on the piano is much improved. Her violin playing is still pretty rocky. Screechy mostly with a few sweet notes in there. Music teacher Janice says that her playing is getting better so I guess I will have to have faith. Katy's arms have gotten longer in almost a year and I'm told that it's time to trade up a size in violins too. I need to talk with Lexi again about whether she wants to do some violining before we banish the little one. Lexi has three loose teeth after waiting and waiting for just one. And last night I saw a new tooth coming in behind the lower baby teeth. So she'll be sharky for a while.

We went out for a family dinner last night. It was a treat. We got Rudy's pizza. It's not my favorite pizza but it tasted really good last night.

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Bee said...

That extra 35 cents cracks me up.

I actually read the review of the Crooked Letter novel. It was very persuasive and well-written. I like a Southern dialect, too, but the South (mostly) creeps me out.
I had entirely forgotten about "Go Tell Aunt Rhody."