Thursday, April 28, 2011

La souris enragée

Dressed in light colors. Found my spirits lifting midmorning. I felt like skipping, maybe going for a long walk. Shortly thereafter I see that my period has started. Hormones, you are our not so acknowledged tyrants.

We're in a new motion, winding up some of our patterns and looking for the next ones. Nod finishes his semester mid May and then he will have a short summer program in June and July. The class hours are longer for the summer session though he will have Fridays off. This will make his current schedule of afternoon bus driving not possible. He had an interview with the employer he ranks at the top of his 'firms I want to work with' list. They have positions in this town which would mean no commute and be a great good thing. It went well and the interviewer indicated that Nod might be able to start working for them on his summer Fridays. Which would be ducky for all. And the bus company still loves him and will consider June and July a leave of absence so that job will available in the future as a fallback. Whew. I think that boy's almost got his shit wired together.

My job still exists. We are getting to know the IT management folks in our weekly meetings. Today a few of us indulged in some petty mocking of IT hair and shoe stylings. It was an unconstructive outburst and yet did relieve some frustration. So far the dearth of leadership continues. 'We'll build the plan forward together' says our higher up. And yet they hold the budget and the authority so why don't they acknowledge that power imbalance? It's a bit like cats playing with a mouse but so much more boring.

A co worker found some morels in local woods last week. I can identify them but I don't know what they taste like. I'd like to go foraging, maybe Nod will be up for a ramble. We could use some more rain for mushrooms I'm sure.

Finished Crooked Letter Crooked Letter. The scenes set back in Larry's childhood made me cringe a bit. That was one grim dad. But I loved the setting and the local boy made good angle. Sigh. I'm sorry I'm done. 

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Bee said...

This made me laugh:
"mocking of IT hair and shoe stylings."