Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Things are in motion. I can't see the pattern yet. No vertiginous drop and no big rise, more like rocking on the tippy balance point of the seesaw.

My employment: I've been almost offered a new position in IT and someone expressed some enthusiasm for acquiring me which was gratifying. However the job description I expected on Friday has not appeared. I just emailed an inquiry. My office manager has gotten a new job and is out of here after next week. I was jealous and felt very inept by comparison but that has receded and I am happy for her. Yesterday it occurred to me that I can let myself be bad at job hunting right now. At least since Plan B is coming along. I prefer this to feeling like I am losing at job hunting.

Nod's employment: his first choice firm stopped responding so he lined up another job interview damn quick and it went well. He's got a position as soon as he is done with school in mid July. He will be commuting to north Kansas City, that's the downside. But after an initial ride-along period (how long? I don't know) he will be able to use a company van. And once he's proven his solo capabilities he will be working service calls closer to home. He's taken a leave of absence from bus driving after the end of May. So he'll go to school 4 days a week for 7 weeks. And have three days off in a row every week! Then barring weird developments, he'll tell the bus co. he won't be coming back as he starts his new gig.

Kid care: There are two weeks between the end of school and the beginning of the Boys and Girls Club summer program for the kids. Nod and I have worked out who's with them when. There's Memorial Day and a colonoscopy (not mine thank the force) and two kid dental appointments in there too. I think my mother is coming but will stay in a hotel. A friend of ours from Colorado will be couch surfing with us for a few days. Things are very much coming together in the week or so before they happen. Which is not a new experience for me but I am feeling awash in the waves a bit. Or teetering on my balance board. As I succeeded in getting the kid care nailed down, today it feels like it will all work out. Oh my mother has also recruited me to come with her to a cousin's wedding in Livermore CA June 18-19.

I'll keep my nose into the wind and try to stay upright.

Read about the True Finn party and their "Euroskeptic" point of view. They object to paying for Greece and Portugal's financial troubles as part of the European Union. They look to a time when Finland could withdraw from the Union. Anti immigrant but pro wealth equalization and the social safety net. This quote jumped out at me, '"After all, empires always end badly, as did Rome and the USSR," says Mr. Elo. "That will happen to the EU as well, because it's a misguided piece of history."' I sense lyricism and over simplification at work here. But maybe that's because I'm a citizen of an empire and it seems better than many alternatives.


Bee said...

I'm feeling rather brain-dead now -- possibly because I've substituted red hots (the last of my Texas stash) and a diet coke for a proper dinner. It's good to get caught up on your latest, though. How far is Kansas City from you?
I hope your almost-job offer comes through soon. xx

Nimble said...

@Bee: I can only imagine the jittery feeling that redhots and a diet coke would produce. I hope you've done penance and eaten many more square meals since you wrote that.
Kansas City is ~45 minutes drive. Thanks for the good thoughts.

Bee said...

Well, I had chicken risotto and salad for dinner tonight. Much better brain food.

I've always liked the idea of Kansas City -- my myth of it involves lots of jazz and steak.