Thursday, June 23, 2011

Making More

It's a poem. I hope you like it. It reflected my spacey mood and there are flowering dogwood trees.

Oh and now I've gone and read Lucy and recommend reading her poetic Googling as well as taking her recommendation to read Kathleen. And Kathleen included a poem by Chris Green that I liked tremendously. (It includes a husband's realization that the sexiest thing he can do is to get a job.) This poetry snowball is picking up speed!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

June Tumble

So I interviewed Monday for another admin support job on campus. It was a perfectly so-so experience. They had me in and out in 25 minutes which didn't make me feel like I'd made a big splash. They want someone who has experience setting up databases in Access. Which I don't have. Setting aside the disappointment of not charming them from the first moment, I am consciously choosing to look at the bright side. It was an excellent refresher for interviewing in general. I was asked where I saw myself in 5 years (I did well with that one) and to tell about a mistake I'd made (I gabbed blithely about a significant mistake I made but left out the oh-so-important follow up of what lesson I learned and improvement I took away from that experience, urgh) and a time that I'd taken initiative and accomplished something not specifically in my job description (not happy with my response here, thought of a *much* better one last night). Could hardly have been more textbook and I was left gaping a bit even so. All the better answers I could have given are replaying in my head. But I'm resolved not to beat myself up. Choosing to repeat that it was an excellent learning experience. (And we all know how enjoyable those are.) I don't have to have all the answers. Mistakes teach me more than first-time mastery. I just have to keep eating those metaphysical vegetables over and over in my life.

But imagine my surprise when I received an email this morning asking for permission to contact my references. Even if it's just a gesture of completion, that is a good sign. Maybe nobody who applied has the specific database experience they want. Maybe they're just a tough crowd. I've been having fun toying with the idea of another job offer but keep having to stop counting chickens and go back to staring at eggs.  

Banh mi hack
At some point this spring I came across this discussion of Banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches of deliciousness) and then searched out a few more online banh mi references. And then I yearned of course for a wonderful tasty pate on crunchy baguette with pickled carrots and cilantro leaves. Pretty sure that's not available in this town. But after considering the matter I had a brainstorm:  I can make pickled carrots. And for a tasty meaty filling? I can use meatloaf! I can buy fresh cilantro. The only thing I am missing really is the bread. And the mayo which isn't my scene.

I made a meatloaf and doctored my sliced carrots. On toasted wheat bread with the fresh cilantro -- Damn, ma'am! That was an excellent sandwich. I will do it again! If you want guidance for the pickled carrots here's Simply Recipes' take. I didn't do the tossing and rinsing though, just bunged 'em in a tupperware with the vinegar, sugar, pinch of salt, and water.

Cazalet and Wedding Travel
Bee has got me reading Elizabeth Jane Howard. I just finished the first of the Cazalet Chronicles, The Light Years. It was a great read. A "rambling realistic family saga" says Michelle Cooper and I agree. Really good stuff. On to Marking Time after my trip. I'm leaving tomorrow morning to go to a cousin's wedding in the East Bay in California. It's at the Wente vineyards in Livermore and there are four wedding related events in all over the weekend. Going to be seeing The Danish tomorrow night -- exciting!

Lexi has skinned her knees thoroughly this week. Walking back to the car after church she stumbled and even though I had a hold of her hand fell right on her knees on the asphalt. Bruised and scraped. She keened the whole ride home. At one point I asked her to put her hand over her mouth to keep some of the sound down. Yes, I am sorry. But it was making my stomach hurt and there was nothing anyone could do until we got home. She hates blood and feels every scrape as a personal insult. Once those scabs had hardened up and she was doing okay she bumped into another kid while riding on her scooter and scraped a spot that had been missed in the first assault. But she loves her new (used) scooter. It may be time for kneepads.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Math at Taco Bell

While mowing the grass a few weeks ago I realized that I enjoyed how visible the chore was. I am going to work on acknowledging, feeding, and harnessing my inner show-off. I may be quiet and like to go to bed early but I also enjoy doing things with an audience.

The holiday on Monday was not quite hot enough for my Texan husband to go to the outdoor pool. It needs to be in the 90s for him and 82 just wouldn't do. So we found other things to do together all four of us. We went to Taco Bell for lunch. It was jolly and after we had mostly finished eating Katy asked us to show her long division again because she said she had found it confusing. So Nod gave her some easy long division to do and we talked through the steps. Then Lexi didn't want to be left out and she asked for some three digit numbers to add. And we upped the ante and did some subtraction with borrowing with her. Everyone was engaged and happy. It was odd and really good quality family time.

I'm set to meet more of my future work group at IT tomorrow. The big boss said I could look at a job description and salary range and then not a word for two weeks. Haven't seen either of them of course. I am remembering that this is a big adventure and enjoying my flexible schedule for now. I've bought air tickets for the girls and I to go to Austin in August. Haven't asked permission, hope they don't mind much. It's not quite the week before classes start at KU so I figure I'll still be around for the red hot busy time. Nod won't be able to go to Texas which makes his mother sad (she's in denial, "I hope he'll find a way to come down for just a weekend") but he will have just started his job. And I mine but of course I'm rocking my state employee status plus what seems to be the guilt of the group that's been saddled with us.  

At home with the kids today, Nod had yesterday and will have them tomorrow. They start their all day summer program on Monday and we'll be fully functional for June and July. I'm going to take them to get their teeth sealed (quick and easy it's just the paint on stuff) and then to the pool. After we go to swap our car with the ripped tire for the Subaru which has been completely repaired! Two functioning cars are within our grasp. It's a wonderful thing. We've decided this is the good kind of debt and are moving forward with it. And the Mazda will have decent tires for the first time in a couple of years. I slid many times last winter including one 360 at an intersection one morning. Looking forward to more road gripping.