Thursday, June 23, 2011

Making More

It's a poem. I hope you like it. It reflected my spacey mood and there are flowering dogwood trees.

Oh and now I've gone and read Lucy and recommend reading her poetic Googling as well as taking her recommendation to read Kathleen. And Kathleen included a poem by Chris Green that I liked tremendously. (It includes a husband's realization that the sexiest thing he can do is to get a job.) This poetry snowball is picking up speed!


Bee said...

Definitely the sexiest thing a husband can do is get a job . . . after enough months of joblessness, at any rate.

re: yogurt
I think that smoothies are a summer thing, really. I've been feeling really tired lately. Maybe I'm too tired to chew?

Nimble said...

Bee, I hope you are stretched out on your chaise longue, sipping your smoothie. Your second wind will be along any time now.

I've gotten in the wake of another Cazalet fan: the second book was checked out of the university library before I could get to it. I have just visited two used bookstores but no joy. I am going to resort to an inter-library loan through the city library. And suggest that they buy #s 2 and 4 because what the hell?

Bee said...

It is very annoying to be stymied this way when you are dealing with a saga. Maybe you should see if you can find a super-cheap copy on Amazon?

Nimble said...

@ Bee - I purchased all four as used paperbacks. By the way, never order books from the Goodwill in Deseret Utah. The first 50 pages of Marking Time are missing. Oy! Luckily the inter-library loan copy came through and I am almost all the way through. Such fun.